EPT San Remo: Day 4, level 22 live updates (10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante)

April 19, 2010


2.56pm: Break time
Time for another break, 15 minutes for the players.

2.55pm: Blain sailing
Three players saw a flop of 9♠4♦10♣. Allan Baekke checked to Kadir Karabulut who also checked. Dermot Blain then bet 120,000 which only Baekke called for a turn card 7♦. Baekke and Blain checked for a 10♦ river. Baekke checked and Blain bet 260,000.


Dermot Blain

Baekke checked his cards again before calling. He regretted it. Blain turned over 7♣7♥ leaving Baekke to fold. Blain is up to more than 1,300,000. – SB.

2.50pm: Rybin reminds the field he’s still here
Giuseppe Pantaleo is the latest to depart. From the big blind, he shoved all in over Alexey Rybin’s open from the cut off. But Rybin wasn’t just bullying with a big stack, he also had a hand: K♦K♠ for Rybin, against Pantaleo’s A♠J♠.

The flop offered no help and Pantaleo adds his name to the list of prizewinners so far. Meanwhile Rybin, who was our day 1A chip leader, reminds us that this isn’t only about his countryman Dmitry Stelmak. — HS

2.46pm: Stelmak leaves his mark
We’ve lost another, this time it was Iulian Iajob of Romania getting his chips in.
The hand started with a button raise by Dmitry Stelmak which Erik Tamm raised from the small blind to 120,000. Iajob then shoved for 276,000. Stelmak then raised again to 590,000 forcing Tamm to pass.

Stelmak showed K♥K♦ to Iajob’s Q♥Q♠. The board ran K♠J♦10♥5♠7♦. There was an “oooh” on the flop but nothing more. Iajob is out. — SB.

2.45pm: Stelmak stuns Gimbel
We’re down to only two former EPT winners after this year’s PCA champion Harrison Gimbel has just been knocked out by Dmitry Stelmak.

The huge stacked Russian raised to 45,000 from under-the-gun and it was folded all the way round to Gimbel in the big blind. He shoved all in for his last 290,000, which sent Stelmak into the tank.

He got every count he could possibly get – how much was the all in, how much more than his bet, etc. – and then called.

Stelmak: A♣5♣
Gimbel: 7♥7♠

That was looking pretty good for Gimbel, but the dealer had other ideas. The flop came 6♥4♦2♠, which was safe enough, but the turn 4♣ and river 3♣ filled Stelmak’s wheel.


Ho hum Harrison Gimbel

Gimbel graciously shook Stelmak’s hand, took down his hoodie, and headed out. — HS

2.40pm: Team PokerStars Pro out
We started off this event with a glittering array of Team PokerStars Pros, a who’s who of poker from world champ Joe Cada to Barry Greenstein. But now none of them remain in EPT San Remo after last-man standing Matthias de Meulder busted.


Matthias de Meulder

He was all in with K♥Q♥ but up against Jakob Karlsson’s K♦K♠. The board ran 2♦6♣5♥J♠A♣ and De Meulder, from Belgium, shook some hands and left. — SY

2.35pm: Gabriele out
Alessandro Gabriele is the latest to take his bow from San Remo. He was all in with 2♥2♦ but up against the rather more impressive A♥A♦ of Paul Pires-Trigo. The board ran an uneventful 4-10-7-6-10. — SY

2.30pm: Nguyen quads
The board was showing 4♠10♥7♣7♠9♠ and there was already 400,000 in the pot. Now Thang Duc Nguyen added 150,000 more. Harrison Gimbel was agonising over a call. He had around 400,000 left and a call represented a big chunk of that. He did call – and Nguyen showed 7♦7♥ for quads.

“Hmm. That’s good,” said Gimbel as he mucked.

Nguyen up to 900,000 – Gimbel down to just 250,000. — SY

2.25pm: Getting paid
Liv Boeree is back up to 950,000 which was her highest chip count at any point yesterday. Armando Graziano was the man that helped her get there.

He was in the big blind and called Boeree’s late position raise before both checked the 5♥3♣Q♣ flop. Graziano then check-called a 60,000 bet on the 6♦ turn to go to the A♥ river.


Liv Boeree

This time he checked to face a 130,000 bet and after moaning about how bad the river was he made the call. In fact the river didn’t matter as Boeree tabled 5♠6♠ for a turned two-pair. Graziano showed K♦Q♦ that was ahead up until the turn. –MC

2.20pm: Another one gone
Elsewhere Alessandro Gabriele has been eliminated by Paul Pires-Trigo. It was a simple process of aces for Pires-Trigo against deuces for Gabriele who found no help from the board. – SB.

2.10pm: Che Cserei Cserei
Giuseppe Pantaleo opened for 42,000 from under the gun plus one. Ramon Cserei raised to 110,000 and Pantaleo called for a flop of 7♥Q♠6♠. Pantaleo checked and Cserei bet 180,000 which Pantaleo again called. The turn came 10♣ which had the same pattern following it with a little difference. Pantaleo checked, Cserei moved all-in for around 660,000 and Pantaleo tank-called, showing 8♣8♥. Cserei showed A♠A♦ and cheered his win, doubling up. – SB.

2pm: Bruiser Boeree
Gijs Verheijen opened for 45,000 from under the gun. Dag Mikkelsen then re-raised to 100,000 in middle position. Liv Boeree then added another layer of intrigue, raising all-in for more than 600,000. When the action returned to Verheijen he folded. Mikkelsen had 400,000 behind but couldn’t do anything but fold.

Mikkelsen was all in soon after, turning over A♥5♦ to the K♦K♣ of Mauro Stivoli. The board ran 9♠6♥Q♠7♣10♥. Mikkelsen joined the ranks on the rail. – SB.

1.55pm: Sevens good and bad
Nick Schulman is out. The New Yorker ran his pocket sevens into the kings of Kadir Karabulut and the board bricked all the way. At almost the same time on a neighbouring table, Ronny Kaiser was doubling up to about 900,000 with pocket sevens. — HS


Nick Schulman: Out of San Remo

1.50pm: Man down 3
Harrison Gimbel, the PCA champion, opened with a raise to 45,000 and Antonio Buonanno pushed all in for 232,000. But it did not end there – Thang Duc Nguyen then pushed all in as well, covering Buonanno. Gimbel got out of the way.

Nguyen: A♥Q♦
Buonanno: A♦10♣


Thang Duc Nguyen: Buonanno slayer

The board ran 8♣J♥8♦6♣9♥ and Buonanno busted. — SY

1.45pm: Man down 2
Oleg Tuntsev opened with a raise with K-Q, was re-raised all in by Ramon Cserei with A-Q, and called. The board ran dry for Tuntsev and he’s out. — SY

1.40pm: Man down 1
Emanuele Rugini is out. Allan Baekke started it off with a raise to 43,000. Michel Abecassis then re-raised to 119,000 from the small blind. Rugini was in the big blind and also pushed all in for around 160,000. Baekke had seen enough and folded.

Abecassis: A♣K♦
Rugini: A♦J♣

The board went Abecassis’ way, running 4♥5♠K♠J♠K♣ and Rugini was off to find the cash desk. Abecassis, meanwhile, moved along nicely to 1.4 million.– SY

1.35pm: 47 to 24
There are 47 players left as we approach the start of level 22. Just remember, we need to finish today with 24 players – however long that takes.

If the early exchanges are anything to go by, this won’t take long. However, there are some mighty stacks appearing in front of some formidable players, so don’t go away. This will be a fun-filled frenzy.

Our leader at this stage seems to be Allan Baekke. (How many times have we written that in the past month?) He increased his overnight stack by about 500,000 in the opening level and is up beyond two million.

If we can keep up, you can keep up on the chip count page.


Allan Baekke, formidable

PokerStars Blog reporting team in San Remo (in alphabetical order of sandwich filling): Howard Swains & Simon Young (parma ham and mozzarella), Marc Convey (salami and brie), Stephen Bartley (tomato and mozzarella).


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