EPT San Remo: Pulling out the stops

April 19, 2009

Think back to one of those family get-togethers. While your mum prepared a feast fit for in-laws, grandparents and a friend you were allowed to invite to keep you occupied, your dad was dispatched to find every last chair in the house, from the basement to the attic, to seat everyone around the dinner table. For the most part it worked without any problems, but there was always someone, an uncomplaining soul, whose plate was nearly level with their chin.

Well, take away the food and that’s a rough assessment of what’s going on today in Casino San Remo – the stops have been pulled out to accommodate the second half of the largest tournament field in EPT history. A table fit for nearly 600 players, only unlike when your Dad was in charge, the organisers here sort things without the moaning. The result is a manicured centrepiece ready to impress the poker world. Your mother would be thrilled.

So what’s in store? An appetiser of 25-50 blinds and 10,000 chips; an entree of eight relentless one-hour levels; and a desert spent bagging up whatever chips you have left before returning tomorrow. Shaky analogy aside that should make for an entertaining day. You can follow it all from here…

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