EPT San Remo: A town called San Minieri

April 19, 2009

I’m afraid there might be a familiarity to this post about Dario Minieri. Anything written about the Italian Team PokerStars Pro always is and features the same process – Dario, betting pre-flop, or calling to see them before hammering away, taking pots uncontested. I wish I could add some variation on this theme today but I’m struggling. I can tell you that he wears a blue “Italia” scarf instead of his claret and amber Roma scarf. But that’s all.


Dario Minieri

Minieri is a legend in these parts. Last year he almost managed to have the town renamed after him, riding an electrified tidal wave of local support to third place, which disappointed him but thrilled the hoards of first time Italian railbirds who were thinking it all looked to easy. While they started entering EPT events themselves (Italian numbers have sky-rocketed this season) Minieri came close to avenging that day in Warsaw this year, but a third third place leaves him still short an EPT title. Only a slobbering fool would bet against a repeat performance this week.

Anyway, those hands: A pre-flop bet from Minieri, first leading and then chasing his opponent to the river, showing queens against pocket eights to take the pot. Another hand right behind that – this one not making it passed the flop, another opponent learning the hard way. A third pot went the same way but, well, read any previous post about Minieri and you’ll get the gist. The Team PokerStars Pro up to 16,000.



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