EPT San Remo: Tabatabai up to bat

April 19, 2009

The action on John Tabatabai’s table pre-flop was a lot of calling, followed by a small raise, followed by everyone calling again. Then the flop, 9♠10♠5♦.

The action was on Illari Sahamies in the small blind, who checked, as did Tabatabai. The seat ten player, who had chanced the pre-flop raise, tried again, this time 600. Sahamies called but after looking again Tabatabai raised, 3,600 in total before seat ten moved all-in.

With Sahamies out of things it was showdown time, Tabatabai showing A♣10♣ to his opponent’s K♠10♥. The ace was good, with the J♥2♦ closing the hand. Ivo Donev, also at the table, stood to take a picture of the board. Tabatabai doubles up to a little more than 12,000.

Elsewhere Team PokerStars Pro and tournament host Luca Pagano just doubled up with pocket queens, flopping quads. Not only that but karmic forces conspired to give his opponent a full house on the turn which did nothing to hinder the cash flow situation. The money went in, the money came out, straight back to Pagano. He’s now up to 18,000.



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