EPT Snowfest: Day 1B, levels 8 and 9 live updates (500-1,000, 100 ante)

March 22, 2010


1.15am: That’s it
Play has finished and the players are bagging and tagging. They’ll be back tomorrow when day 2 begins at 2pm. It looks as if Koen Berendsen, a PokerStars player from Holland, is our day 1B chip leader with 162,200. We’ll have a full wrap up very soon, and the official overnight chip counts will appear here as if by magic shortly. — SY

1am: Last four hands
Just four more hands to go and we’re done for the night.

12.55am: Double up for Veldhuis
Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis doubled up to more than 131,000 thanks to fading Anders Jensen’s flush draw. We caught the action on the flop of 9♥10♣K♥, with Veldhuis betting 3,500. Jensen wanted to know the Dutchman’s exact count – it was around 60,000 left behind – before putting a raise to 10,200. Veldhuis then raised again to 23,000, Jensen announced all in and Veldhuis called in a shot.

Veldhuis: 9♠9♣ for the set
Jensen: J♥5♥ for the flush draw and gutshot straight draw

Veldhuis was the man at risk, and he survived when the turn came 2♠ and river K♣, filling up his full house. — SY


Lex Veldhuis

12.50am: MacPhee out
No back-to-back EPT wins for Kevin MacPhee – he’s out. — SY

12.45am: Evelyn Ng out
Evelyn Ng had looked the picture of calm all day, whether in a hand or playing on her Nintendo DS out of a hand. She had 18,000 left when she went out, albeit with one thousand of that in the middle for her big blind. The action came to her with a raise and call ahead of her and she felt that A♣7♣ was just good to pass up for a squeeze all-in. And squeeze she did. She managed to fold out the original raiser but after a significant dwell up Alfio Battisti made the call with A♠10♠ and Ng failed to catch up.

148 players are left with less than half an hour left on the clock for the day.

12.30am: MacPhee doubles
Kevin MacPhee has two beers in front of him and looks like a man who wants to spin up quick or get out. Down to 14,000, he faced a 2,500 raise from Markus Golser and pushed all in. Golser thought for only a short time before calling with A♠J♠, but found he needed a lot of help against the pocket jacks of the EPT Berlin champion. The board ran 5♣10♣8♦7♠Q♦ and MacPhee is back up to close to 30,000 once more.

Sitting on the same table is Pierre “The Serial Qualifier” Neuville. He was down to just 4,000 an hour or so ago, but has worked his way back up to 33,000.

Meanwhile, Hermann Pascha, the force for so long earlier in the tournament, seems to have disappeared – but there’s still 100,000 of his chips sitting in front of his empty chair. — SY

12.20am: Breaktime round-up
There’s just one level left to play of the day and short stacks are falling like flies – and will continue to do so in next level of 500-1000, 100 ante blinds. A few players unlikley to eat the dust before the end of the day are the following:

Ivo Donev – 175,000
Nasr El Nasr – 150,000
William Martin – 125,000
Hermann Pascha – 110,000
Luca Pagano – 50,000


11.55pm: Unstoppable El Nasr
Marvin Rettenmaier, a PokerStars qualifier from Germany, has become the latest victim of the unstoppable Nasr El Nasr. This was far from straightforward though, because of a little misunderstanding between the two pre-flop.

It was folded to Rettenmaier’s small blind and he raised to 2,600 with El Nasr lurking in the big. El Nasr defended, three-betting to 8,200, and here’s where communication broke down.

Rettenmaier picked up almost his entire stack – about 50,000 in yellow chips – and he moved them over the line, leaving himself about 5,000 behind. He was clearly intending to move all in, but El Nasr immediately said: “Call” at the point that only those yellows were in the pot.

Rettenmaier was only allowed to make that 50,000 raise and so was left in the slightly peculiar position of looking at a pot of more than 100,000 with only 5,000 behind.

The flop came 10♦4♦7♥ and Rettenmaier checked, facing the inevitable bet from El Nasr. Rettenmaier seemed to genuinely be considering a fold here – it was obvious he had missed that flop and had possibly been caught on a steal. He was understandably keen not to be calling his way out of the tournament with absolutely nothing, when that 5,000 was at least a lifeline.

Mathematical sense prevailed, however, and he called, showing K♣5♣. El Nasr had him dominated with A♠K♠ and the Q♣6♣ turn and river were the final nails in Rettenmaier’s coffin.

El Nasr is now up to about 130,000. — HS


Nasr El Nasr

11.55pm: Salmi slips through
A short stacked Ville Salmi gets a shove through from the hijack stealing the blinds and antes. Given his all-in success earlier it’s understandable players are giving him a wide berth with their marginal hands. — RD

11.50pm: Quads ahoy!
Jim Collopy will be 21 years old in just ten minutes time, and just got a nice early birthday present. He raised with 6♣6♠ and then called an all in from a short-stacked player with K-J. The flop was a quad-tastic 6♥6♦5♠ to give Collopy quads, and there was never any way back for his opponent on the 10♦ turn and 4♠ river. Collopy up to 73,000. — SY

11.40pm: Chad Brown’s travel tips
Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown gives some handy tips on how to cope with the stresses and strains of traveling the world playing poker…. — SY

11.35pm: Crazies
This has been a far more crazy day than yesterday at Snowfest, with some huge swings taking place across the room. Luca Pagano is down to 85,000, but Lam Van Trinh on a neighbouring table, has got his stack up to about 150,000.

Hermann Pascha, who has been involved in about 95 percent of the pots on his table, is still enjoying his day in every sense. With a good handful of spectators, a bottle of something I believe not to be water, and 150,000 in chips, why wouldn’t he?

He’s not our tournament leader though. At this stage, it looks very much like Ivo Donev has that accolade. He is sitting with about 180,000. Comfortable. — HS


Ivo Donev

11.30pm: Another Italian with some game
There was about 5,000 in the pot and three players looking at a flop of 9♦4♣3♥. Ciro Carella bet 2,600 and his fellow Italian, Luca Pagano, raised to 5,200. Marcus Golser, on the button, was not afraid of either of them and re-raised to 13,200.

On many occasions, that might have been it. But Carella had different ideas. He added another 20,000 to his original bet, which was enough to persuade both of his opponents out of the pot.

Carella showed A♣9♣ for top pair, that might easily have been a bluff.

11.25pm: Pieter De Korver and Nicolas Levi both out
Team PokerStars Pro De Korver is out. How do we know that? Because it’s in the media room telling the a Dutch blogger that he’s having a beer bath tomorrow. What’s a beer bath? Absolutely no idea but I, for one, want to find out personally. — RD

11.15pm: JP Kelly gets it in good but is the one left walking
We caught up with JP Kelly just after he’d been knocked out of the tournament so here’s a verbatim account of what happened; ‘I raised with Jacks and check-raised all-in on a ten, nine, seven board for my 10.5k stack. He called with King-ten and a King fell on the river.’ Who was he, JP? ‘Some random old guy.’ Well played, Mr Random Old Guy. NH, GG, WP. — RD

11.10pm: Two more to go
That’s the last break of the day out of the way, and we’re settling down for the final two levels. We have around 185 left from the day’s 276 starters.

While you wait for the first field reports to come in, what better way to spend a minute or so than to gaze lovingly at this photo of Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima de Melo with British snowboarding queen Zoe Gillings….


Fatima de Melo and Zoe Gillings

PokerStars Blog reporting team in the Alps: Rick Dacey, Howard Swains and Simon Young (all former world ski champions).


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