EPT Snowfest: Day 2, level 9 & 10 updates (blinds 600-1,200, 100 antes)

March 22, 2011


4.50pm: Level ends
That’s the end of level 10. Level 11 will begin after a 15 minute break.

4.45pm: Former champs falling like flies
Hands aloft with fingers locked behind his head, things did not look good for former EPT champ Anton Wigg. From a few tables away I saw him perform a semi-pirouette away from his seat as he let out an agonised sigh.

After muscling past Alex Kravchenko’s chair – no easy feat – I arrived just in time to see A♦J♦ in front of Tome Moreira and a board with an ace on the river. Wigg’s stack was being pushed over to Moreira who is now up to 240,000.

Kevin MacPhee was on his phone, definitely not at a table, as I trotted back to the press room. — RD

4.40pm: Not a happy Tweeter
Double EPT Season 7 runner-up, Martin Jacobson is on the verge of busting. He just Tweeted, “QQ

4.36pm: Set over set for Ruthenberg
Team PokerStars Pro Sebastian Ruthenberg is up to 130,000 after a cooler of a hand. Our German PokerStars blogger, Robin, reported to us that a player in mid position raised to 2,600 and was called by Ruthenberg from the small blind and one other.

The flop came 7♠K♥4♥ and the preflop aggressor c-bet for 5,200 and was called before Runthenberg raised to 17,200. The aggressor folded but the third player moved all-in for 40,000. Ruthenberg snap called with 7♣7♥ for a set. The other player opened 4♥4♣ for a smaller set and the board ran out K♣Q♥. The player who folded said he held king-queen. — MC

4.30pm: AK-51
On a board already showing 5♠Q♣9♣6♦ Manilo Iemina, under headphones and wearing sunglasses with purple lenses, made a bet of 8,000 from middle position. Then waited.

What he was waiting for was movement from Alex Kravchenko. The Team PokerStars Pro reached for his chips with well-manicured fingers, and raised to 19,000. This had a real effect on Iemina who removed his headphones and propped his purple glasses up on his head. He looked over at Kravchenko but stopped this quite quickly. Instead he simply announced he was all-in.


Alex Kravchenko

Kravchenko had his own headphones on, and while he couldn’t hear the words he could sense them. Freeing up an ear he double checked that Iemina was all-in, then nodded, snap calling with his 51,000 and turning over Q♠Q♦. Iemina winced, showing A♥Q♥.

The card came K♦ to leave Kravchenko with 110,000 and reduce Iemina to about the same, paying off Kravchenko while muttering to himself.

“If Alex Kravchenko re-raises on the turn you fold,” said one observer.

“And you give him the keys to your house,” said another. — SB

4.25pm: Henke keeps on hiking
Since Ramin Henke hit that two-outer on the river against Vladimir Geshkenbein early in the first level to stay in the tournament he’s gone from strength to strength and now has more than 160,000.

The average stack is currently 74,000 with 198 players left and there are three or four players who all have twice that now; Henke, Geshkenbein, James Keys and Martins Adeniya. — RD

4.25pm: Chips
Every break time a full chip count is taking place and getting fed back through to us. The updated chips can be found here. — RD

4.10pm: Lykov out
Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov has busted out. He was short but we didn’t catch the bitter end. — RD

4.05pm: Moreira de Melo’s stack a lot Fatima
Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo is up to around 150,000 after doubling through Hanh Tran. She raised to 2,700 from under-the-gun and was only called by Tran from the cut-off. The flop came 7♥5♣10♦ and Moreira de Melo c-bet for 4,700. Call.

Things got a lot more interesting on the 2♥ turn as Moreira de Melo’s 9,100 bet was raised up to 22,000 by the Austrian. Moreira de Melo’s response was to three-bet up to 44,000 but she immediately faced a decision for her tournament life as Tran moved all-in and had her covered.

“Ahhh, you must have a set but I have to call now”, said the former hockey star. She called and flipped over A♦A♣. Tran cursed in his native tongue and tabled J♦J♠. The river came 5♦ and Moreira de Melo scooped in the whole pot. — MC

3.55pm: A typical elimination
The latest of a growing list of players eliminated today is Alexis Fourcade. He just moved all-in for 13,500 after an extended spell of waiting for a hand he could justify shoving with.

It was a familiar sight. Fourcade placed his chips in the middle deliberately; aiming for a spot in front of him like you might reach over to put everything you had left on red. It’s a move that comes with a degree of relief, there being nothing left to do but await your fate.
That fate came in the form of Jan Wilken who called, turning over A♣Q♦ to Fourcade’s 7♥7♣. Now just the board.


And that was that, Fourcade gone. – SB

3.45pm: Adeniya joins Keys and Geskenbein
Martins Adeniya has just sat down to join James Keys, Vladimir Geskenbein and Luca Cainelli, bringing a large chunk of chips to the table. Both Adeniya and Geskenbein have close to 200,000 apiece. The pair are yet to tangle from what I’ve seen and it was Geskenbein who raked in the last pot after a five-way limp.

In other news, Josh Prager is out. We have 216 players left and, if you do your maths, that means we lost 52 players in that first 75-minute level. — RD

3.40pm: Snowball Dodgeball
As promised Gloria Balding presents her annual Snowball Dodgeball event. Being English I’m not sure what this actually involves but I imagine it’s a bit like cricket. Look out for Fatima Moreira de Melo’s hat…

3.38pm: The lobby has gone quiet
A hush has descended on the lobby and that means the players have gone back into their tournament tank. Game on. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200, ANTE 100

3.24pm: Break time
The clamour of people in the lobby suggests but one thing; break time. — RD

3.23pm: At risk
We have 225 players left in the run up to the first break of the day. We’ve lost over 40 players so far today and there are still huge swathes of players that are at risk. Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov is one of those. He just opened to 2,000 from the cut-off and was forced to fold Armin Daniel Zoike who three-bet to 5,800 from the small blind. Lykov considered his options then passed to leave himself with 23,000. Fellow Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is also short with 19,000. — RD

ept snowfest_day 2_liv boeree.jpg

Liv Boeree is going to need a double up soon

3.20pm: Nunes flushed down the mountain
PokerStars qualifier Dominik Nitsche has taken care of Team PokerStars Pro Joao Nunes to move back up to around 75,000 chips.

Nunes raised and was called by the German in the cut-off and the player in the big blind. The flop came down Q♥Q♣4♥ and Nunes c-bet for 4,000. Nitsche raised to 10,500 and the big blind passed. Nunes moved all-in and Nitsche called with the drawing A♥J♥ after thinking for a while. Nunes tabled pocket kings and needed to fade a heart but failed to do so through the 8♣7♥ turn and river. — MC


Joao Nunes won’t be taking glory back to Portugal

3.12pm: The fallen
There are around 234 players remaining and that means we’ve lost a few players. Some of those players missing are: Julian Herold, Lucian Hadar, Casey Kastle, Andreas Berggren, Robert Motschmann, Giuliano Bendinelli, Sascha Walter, Dario Nittolo, Rafal Lubczynsky, Dmitry Shchepkin, Yohann Aube, Manuel Bevand, Alexander Meidinger, Christophe Monnin, Zoltan Szabo, Peter Sturzel, Christoph Kohler, Vitaly Lunkin, Josh Prager, Joshua Norris, Giorgi Kitesashvili, Andre Schneider, Aleksey Tkachenko, Jean Claude Moussa, Maxime Conte and Kalman Racz. — MC

3.05pm: Geshkenbein smiles, Henke’s resurgence continues
Kurt Haindl opened the pot to 2,300 from early position and was called by Ramin Henke in middle position before Vladimir Geshkenbein three-bet from the button to 6,500. Both players made the call.

The A♥9♦4♣ flop was checked round before Haindl led 8,000 into the 10♥ turn. Haindl quickly called leaving Geshkenbein to entertain the thought of making some kind of move. He sat for just a moment stony-faced before breaking into a smile and folding his hand. The J♦ river was checked by Haindl to Henke (sounds like a Finnish town if you say it quickly enough). Henke’s 16,500 and called without much ado.

Henke, who is now on over 100,000, showed pocket fours for a flopped set, while Haindl looked a little irritated with A♦Q♠. — RD

3pm: Bognannni stuck
Marco Bognannni is our after losing a race to the Romanian Iulian Ruxandescu. Ruxandescu raised and called when the Italian shoved for around 34,000 from the small blind.

Ruxandescu: A♠K♠
Bognanni: 7♦7♠

The board ran A♦6♥K♣5♠8♠ to make Ruxandescu two-pair. He’s back up to his starting stack of 158,000 as a result. — MC

2.52pm: No let up
There’s no let up on the tournament floor. First Luca Pagano gets a welcome addition to his stack, sending Jack Ellwood to the rail, his queens over Ellwood’s jacks, taking him up to 140,000.

Elsewhere Pierre Neuville just added more to his stack, when he flopped a set of fives and then turned a full house against a now departed opponent who was chasing a flush.
Team PokerStars Pro Sebastian Ruthenberg is also up, now on 76,000. – SB

ept snowfest_day 2_luca pagano.jpg

2.48pm: There’s a new Bos in town
Wim Bos has been catapulted into the chip lead with 284,000 chips. He knocked out two players after all the chips went flying in on the turn of a 8♦9♦2♣10♣ board.

One player held pocket nines for a set, one had [6][7] for the bottom end of a straight but Bos had them both beat with Q♦J♦ for the top end of the straight. The river was a blank and the chips went to Holland. — MC

2.44pm: Cimpan cinders
Cornel Cimpan’s tournament flame has just been extinguished. The American had started today short with just 22,000 and the last 14,000 of that went across the line on a 8♠10♥2♣ flop. His opponent, Andrei Konopelko, bobbed his head a few times and announced the call.

Cimpan was in far greater shape than he may have thought with his 8♥9♥. Konopelko had over cards with K♦J♥ and caught his king on the river. Cimpan stood quietly, left the table and made a beeline for his room.

The board is saying 252 players left so that’s at least 16 players that we’ve lost so far. — RD

2.38pm: Shorties demise
James Sudworth and Sofia Lovgren came back with 10,900 and 11,300 chips respectively today with the hopes of a big spin up. Unfortunately for them this didn’t happen as both have been eliminated already. — MC

2.33pm: The Red Arrow is back
Staring at the mountain long enough, I knew I’d see him eventually. Having presumably spent the night holding court at a Baccarat table before cocktails and dancing, our favourite skier swept over the horizon, slalomed down towards the freestyle area and then flipped with spangled elegance over the ramp, landing neatly before saluting all of us watching through the window. At least he would have saluted had he known we were waiting for him. — SB

2.30pm: Lumping to Lunkin
An early stumble for Josh Prager who slips down to 60,000 after a hand against Vitaly Lunkin.

Prager opened for 2,000 in middle position which Lunkin then raised to 5,600 in the hijack. Prager called for a flop of 10♣3♦2♣ which both players checked for a J♣ turn. Prager threw in 8,000, like you would toss a match into an ashtray. Lunkin called and the 6♥ arrived on the river.

Prager checked, his eyes moving GI Joe-action-figure-like to Lunkin and back. Lunkin didn’t see this and instead lumped 11,900 into the middle. Prager, knowing full well he shouldn’t have, called. Lunkin showed him A♥J♦ and that was that. — SB

2.25pm: Neuville settles dispute with a race
PokerStars qualifier Pierre Neuville has claimed his first scalp of the day. He raised to 2,300 and called when Umberto Vitagliano three-bet all-in for around 13,000. The Belgian had pocket sixes to his Italian opponent’s ace-queen. Vitagliano managed to flop a queen but Neuville flopped a six as well and that was decisive. — MC

2.15pm: Geskenbein missses out on a 300k stack
Vladimir Geshkenbein just lost a flip that would have seen him extend his chip lead with a monstrous stack of just over 300,000. Ramin Henke had opened from middle position to 2,300 and was three-bet by Geshkenbein to 5,800 from the button. Henke moved in for 43,000 and Geshkenbein immediately made the call.

Geshkenbein: A♣Q♥
Henke: 5♦5♥

The A♠Q♦10♣ flop was huge for Geshkenbein and Henke rose to his feet as the 4♠ hit the turn. Just two outs for the German PokerStars qualifier, one of which hit the river causing Henke to breathe a sigh of relief and James Keys – two seats to the right of Geshkenbien – to quietly chuckle. The Russian went uncharacteristically quiet. He still has 200,000.

Today’s going to be a good one – stay with us, people. — RD

2.07pm: Shuffle up and deal
The cards are in the air. Let’s see if we can make the money today. Only 72 of the 268 players will walk away with some Euros. — MC

2pm: Introducing Day 2
Gloria Balding brings you the moving picture version of today’s introduction…

1.50pm: Welcome back for Day 2
Welcome back to Hinterglemm for Day 2 of EPT Snowfest. The combined Day 1 fields have now been united, with 268 players ready to take their seats for six 75-minute levels and a dinner break after four.

Leading right now is Russian player Vladimir Geshkenbein, with 253,700, some way ahead of the field whose counts can be found on the official chip count page.

Players are taking their seats with play due to begin at 2pm. — SB


Dealers ready

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Snowfest (in order of enthusiasm for the idea of a walk tomorrow morning): Stephen Bartley (Great idea, can’t wait), Rick Dacey (Yeah, all right) and Marc Convey (I want to go tobogganing).


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