EPT Snowfest: Day 3, level 19 live updates (5,000-10,000, ante 1,000)

March 24, 2010


8.50pm: Level done
With that we’re on a break to celebrate the end of level 19. We’re also down to just four tables. — SY

8.45pm: Wheeler keeps on turning
Brent Wheeler opened for 25,500 and Sven Mol re-raised to 58,000. Wheeler announced all-in – call!

Wheeler: J♥J♦
Mol: 9♥9♦

Mol, a PokerStars qualifier from Holland, had 380,000 and was the man at risk. His prospects went out of the window instantly when the board ran J♠A♣K♥10♣7♠. Wheeler is now up to 900,000. — SY

8.35pm: Nice one, Cyril. Nice one, son…
… Nice one Cyril, let’s have another one. So says Jim Collopy* who doubled to 620,000 at the expense of Cyril Naim. We did not see the action, but Collopy had A♠J♦ and that was good against Cyril Naim’s [K][J] on a 4♦8♦2♠10♠4♣ board.

*Collopy did not say this — SY

8.30pm: Dirty Schroer
American Jonathan Schroer just won a considerable pot when Team PokerStars Pro Johannes Steindl folded his 92,000 check-raise squeeze in a 3-way pot on a 7♣A♥2♠ flop. Schroer then regaled the table with quotes from the famous Dirty Harry scene. You know the one, ‘Do you feel lucky punk?’ — RD

8.25pm: Lerner on Lerner
The Lerner twins both had deep runs in the tournament but it was down to Aaron (not Derek) to make the money and, quite frankly, he could have easily gone further than he did. Allan Baekke raised under the gun to 23,000 and Lerner moved his entire stack across the line, 208,000 according to his brother. Baekke mulled over whether to pass or call but eventually chose the latter with AJ off. Lerner showed AQ – also unsuited – and the two went to showdown. A jack on the flop all but killed Lerner and with no miraculous backdoor straight arriving Lerner has to watch the 420,000 pot he felt was his slide to the opposite side of the table.

‘You said something like this was going to happen,’ pointed out Derek at the cash desk. ‘I know! I said that some Northern European fish would call me with A9 in a 400,000 pot!’ replied Aaron. It’s a tough break but I’m sure they’ll be back. — RD

8.20pm: Bullies
The liberties you can take with a big stack, huh. Johannes Strassmann (with about 1.1 million) raised to 25,000 from the button, but Lukas Sasky was a non-believer and shoved all in for 95,000 more from the small blind.

Strassmann asked the dealer for a precise count and then seemed to go through a world of mathematics to come up with the call. Strassmann showed K♣6♣ and remarkably he was ahead of Sasky’s Q♣8♠.

The board ran 10♥5♣K♠Q♦K♦ and that was enough to knock out Sasky. “Wunderbar call,” muttered someone, but Jim Collopy was wholly approving. “You had to call no matter what you had,” Collopy said. “You’re getting ten to one. And with that stack.”


Johannes Strassmann: fearsome

On the neighbouring table, and almost concurrently, Allan Baekke was wielding his might pile with similar acumen. Russell Carson made it 24,000 from under-the-gun and Baekke called in the big blind. The two of them went to a Q♦8♣Q♣ flop and checked it.

The turn was K♥ and Baekke bet 26,000, which Carson called. They then saw a 8♦ turn. Baekke bet 82,500 which looked suspicious to Carson. The Canadian said: “Do you want a call?”

Baekke stone-walled him and Carson counted out the required amount and moved it across the line. Baekke showed 8♠9♠ and Carson mucked. I guess he did want that call.


Allan Baekke: fearsome too

Baekke has about 1.5 million now and Strassmann 1.2 million. Only Max Lykov has anywhere near that amount and if those three make it to the final table, this is going to be probably the best EPT closing stages ever. — HS


Max Lykov: imperious

8.10pm: De Meulder doubles
Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder doubled up through Max Lykov. The Russian had made it 20,000 when De Meulder pushed for 121,000. A quick call and they were on their backs:

De Meulder: A♦10♠
Lykov: K♠Q♠


Christophe De Meulder

The man from Belgium was in good shape and the 9♠8♥6♦ flop kept him there. The J♠ was a distinct worry, adding a flush draw and gutshot straight draw for Lykov, but the 9♣ was enough to keep De Meulder in the tournament. – SY

8.07pm: Fedor Los
The PokerStars qualifier from Holland is still going strong on about 500,000. He tells the video team about his tournament so far…

8.05pm: Lukas v Lukas
Lukas Sasky raised it up and Lukas Baumann shoved for 235,000. Call! Sasky had A♥10♣ and was in a race with Baumann’s 7♥7♦. The board ran 8♣K♥2♥7♠4♣ and Baumann got the key double with his set, leaving Sasky on just 43,000. — SY

8pm: More for Gaines
On a 4♣3♥9♣7♥K♣ board Lee Gaines bet 107,000 and got a call from Richard Toth. Toth mucked as soon as he was shown 7♣7♠, and is down to 380,000. — SY

7.55pm: Collopy climbing again
Jim Collopy has returned from the dinner break and walked straight into a double up. His 9♠9♦ flopped a set on the J♣4♠9♥ board and all his chips were somehow in the middle by the turn: 10♣ and river: 3♥. Lukas Sasky’s A♠10♠ was no good. Collopy now back beyond 400,000. — HS

7.50pm: Marcel Buissink spins up and out
Dutchman Buissink was super short stacked with just 15,500 when he shoved under the gun with K♦Q♦ and consequently cracked Aces. That was step 1 of his spin up. After folding his big blind in the following hand Buissink took the opportunity to shove 36,000 into Strassmann’s big blind the hand after. The German eventually called figuring he was getting the odds against any two cards and showed 3♣5♠. Buissink’s 4♦7♦ suddenly looked okay – especially when he flopped a flush.

The rush of blood to his head was just too much and he couldn’t contain himself getting it in again when Team PokerStars Pro Vadim Markushevski raised over the top of Simon Ehne’s 23,500 open. Buissink showed A♦Q♥ to Markushevski’s K♦K♥ and with no Ace on the board the Dutchman’s electric revival had come to an end. Buissink finishes in 41st for €6,700. — RD

7.45pm: Stressed Strassmann
‘I’m never going to fold there. What part of my opening range do you think I’m going to fold?!?’ spat out Strassmann to Evgeniy Zaytsev. The Russian has moved all-in for 58,500 over the top of Strassmann’s 22,500 open and duly sucked out with 9♠8♥ over Q♥Q♣. Strassmann was incredulous that Zaytsev thought it was a valid shove. — RD

7.40pm: Cainelli’s nines unkind to Vitkind
As we were hanging around waiting for Ivo Donev to shove his two big blinds in the pot, Dmitry Vitkind beat him out the door. Vitkind raised from under-the-gun, making it 24,000 and Donev, to his left, folded. Luca Cainelli, however, asked Vitkind for a count before raising to 90,000 from late position.

Vitkind moved all in, for 170,000 more, and Cainelli dwelled for a while but then called. Cainelli, who went very deep in Berlin a fortnight ago, tabled 9♦9♥ and was flipping against Vitkind’s A♣K♣.

The board, however, was totally dry, sending Vitkind to the cash desk and Cainelli beyond half a million. — HS

7.35pm: Donev down to the felt
Ivo Donev has been crippled by Marcel Koller. Donev had “Ace dame,” he told a German reporter (ace queen, in English) and Koller had 10♣10♠. The board ran K♦8♠4♥5♦J♥ and Donev was left with a mere 20,000 – two big blinds. — HS

7.25pm: And we’re off
Players are back from dinner, and now we’re trying to reduce the remaining 42 down to 24. Once that’s done it’s a wrap for the day.

Who is the big daddy at the moment? That will be Max Lykov on 1.45million, some way ahead of second-placed Allan Baekke, who has 1.1million. And who’s the baby? That’s Marcel Buissink from Holland on just 19,000, who has a bit of work to do. All the latest chip counts are on the chip count page. Go on, click it.


PokerStars blogger Howard Swains on the slopes

PokerStars Blog reporting team in the Alps: Rick Dacey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.


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