EPT Snowfest: Day 3, level 19 updates (blinds 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante)

March 23, 2011


10.55pm: Gulyy goes to conclude play for the day
Andrey Gulyy has been eliminated in 25th place and that brings play to an end for the day. Manilo Iemina raised to 23,000 from under-the-gun and snap called when Gulyy shoved for 84,000 from the cut-off.

Gulyy: 3♣3♥
Iemina: K♥K♦

The board ran 10♣6♥10♠4♥J♣ to send the lot Iemina’s way.

A full wrap of the day’s play will be published momentarily as will the final 24’s chip counts. For now the overnight chip leader is Italian Giacomo Maisto on 1,598,000. Play will resume at 2pm local time tomorrow. — MC

10.45pm: Maisto opens another can of run good
Giacomo Maisto has extended his chip lead after sucking out on Pieter Druif. The Italian is currently sitting on close to 1.6 million.

Maisto had opened the pot to 27,500 from under-the-gun and had called Druif’s 60,000 middle position three-bet. The flop delivered an innocuous 7♣10♥5♦ flop which Maisto checked over to Druif. The Dutchman bet 65,000 and Maisto waited half a minute being announcing that he was all-in.

Druif: J♦J♣
Maisto: A♥10♦

The 10♣ hit the turn and, for good measure, the A♦ clipped the river. Maiso sat in his chair fist pumping the air above his burgeoning chip stack. He’s set to be the overnight chip leader. — RD

1036pm: One more to go as Secara busts
Claudiu Secara is our 26th place finisher after falling to the resurgent Kevin Vandersmissen. He was down 68,000 and moved these in from under-the-gun. The action folded around to Vandersmissen in the small blind and he re-raised to isolate and it worked as the big blind folded.

Secara: 8♥8♣
Vandersmissen: A♣K♣

The board ran J♠9♥7♣5♣10♣ to make a flush for the man from Belgium. — MC

10.25pm: Erlandsson wins 700k pot, cracks aces and kings
Hans Erlandsson couldn’t believe his luck when he found himself all-in pre-flop with A♠K♠ against aces and kings.

Again, and in a radically different way, Erlandsson couldn’t believe his luck when he found himself in with A♠K♠ against aces and kings after the board had run out J♦2♠10♠Q♠7♥. The pot, which I believe was worth 720,000, cracked Martins Adeniya’s aces, leaving him with 500,000, and knocked out Jack Powell and his pocket kings.

If we’re going to be 100% accurate (and believe me, we do try) it was actually Adeniya who knocked out Powell as Erlandsson was slightly shorter. — RD

10.15pm: Dragomir and friends overjoyed at his double up
Cristian Dragomir is up to over 900,000 now as a result of a double up via Kevin Vandersmissen. The Belgian raised to 20,000 and was flat called before the Romanian three-bet to 77,000 from the big blind. The action was back on Vandersmissen and he applied pressure with a four-bet to 190,000. This forced out the other player but Dragomir was going nowhere and moved all-in for 446,000. Committed, Vandersmissen made the call.

Vandersmissen: A♥J♠
Dragomir: A♠Q♠

The board ran 8♦3♠3♠10♠9♣ and Dragomir celebrated extremely loudly with his supporters on the rail. I actually have a ringing in my left ear now. Vandersmissen dropped to 265,000. — MC

10pm: Druif off to a berry good start
I’ve been informed by a Dutch colleague that Pieter Druif’s surname converts to ‘berry’ in English. Well, thanks for that fascinating linguistic insight…

On a more relevant vein, Druif appears to have back from the dinner break with an aggressive game plan of attacking the short stacks to his left; Pierre Neuville and Alex Kravchenko. He’s raised into them and won smallish pots post-flop against both.

Neuville gave up on the 4♣7♦K♣ flop whereas Kravchenko held on until the turn of a J♠8♠8♦5♦ board before falling away. Neuville is left with 120,000, Kravchenko 180,000. — RD

9.50pm: Carson canned
Russell Carson’s hopes of going one better than his runner-up finish last year have been dashed with his elimination. He was down to 101,000 and he moved them all-in from second position. Janar Kiivramees was in the next seat and he moved all-in behind, which was enough to scare everybody else out of the pot.

Carson: A♦Q♠
Kiivramees: A♥K♥

The board ran 3♥K♣7♠9♥5♥. Carson shook a few players hands and went to the payout desk to collect his €7,500 for finishing 31th. — MC

9.40pm: Players return
The players are back into the action. Just seven more players to fall before play ends for the day. — RD

ept snowfest_day 3_alex kravchenko 2.jpg

Alex Kravchenko is getting himself positioned for a deep run

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT London (in order of which Bond baddie they’d want to be): Rick Dacey (Scaramanga – by far the best name and sports a third nipple), Stephen Bartley (Goldfinger – sports some fine tweeds) and Marc Convey (Le Chiffre – poker, innit). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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