EPT Snowfest: Final table level 24 and 25 updates (20,000-40,000, 4,000 ante)

March 26, 2010


4.06: Level up
That’s the end of level 25. We’re now on a 15-minute break.

4.05pm: More for Baekke
Strassmann dips below 2 million chips (1.9 million) after letting this one go against Allan Baekke. Strassmann had raised to 105,000 from the button and Baeeke re-raised to 295,000. Strassmann made a pretty quick call, building a nice pot. But on the 4♣5♠3♦ flop Baekke’s 300,000 bet ended things right there. — SY

4.00pm: Schroer shoving it up Baekke
Jonathan Schroer is repeatedly moving all-in over the top of Allan Baekke’s open raises. It’s happened about four times now. His shoves have boosted him up to over 1.3m and he’s really got himself back into this final table. — RD

3.50pm: Another messy all in
It was folded around to Jonathan Schroer in the small blind and he called Johannes Strassmann’s big blind. On went the glass and up went the hoodie. Schroer then turned his back on the German. But he turned around again fairly sharpish when Strassmann raised it to 150,000. Cue the all-in antics of Schroer, ending with him pushing his chips over the line in a mess, rather than stacked neatly. Strassmann insta-folded.


Jonathan Schroer puts his hoodie up…


… and shoves in his chips in a heap

Schroer is now spending more time re-stacking his chips than he is concentrating on hands he is not involved in. — SY

3.45pm: Bullying the bully
Allan Baekke is raising pretty much every time it’s folded to him, but the others are not letting him have it all his own way. Jonathan Schroer has re-raised him all in three times, and just recently Russell Carson three-bet from the small blind, up to 255,000, and Baekke folded. — HS

3.30pm: Three to a flop; Baekke takes it
Johannes Strassmann made it 105,000 from the cut off and Allan Baekke called from the small blind. That persuaded Russell Carson in from the big and the three of them went to a flop.

It came 8♦10♥J♦ and after the two blinds checked, Strassmann followed through and bet 250,000. Only Baekke called.

They both checked the 9♣ turn and they went to a 2♦ river. Baekke double checked his cards and bet 310,000. Strassmann wasted little time in mucking. — HS

3.20pm: Down to six
Lukas Baumann out in seventh, winning €46,000

Johannes Strassmann opened this one – and he ended it too. Strassmann made it 105,000 and Lukas Baumann moved all in for 490,000. Strassmann couldn’t fold even if he wanted to, and why would he: he had 8♦8♥ and was flipping against Baumann’s A♥J♣.

The flop came 4♦K♦9♦, which cut Baumann’s outs down even further. And the 2♣3♠ turn and river didn’t help him, meaning the final Austrian in the field is eliminated in seventh, taking €46,000. — HS

3.15pm: Million chip swing
Baekke raises to 85,000 and is three-bet by Medesan from the big blind to 190,000. Baekke makes the call. Both players check the 8♦Q♥K♣ flop before Medesan bets 250,000 into the 7♥ turn. Baekke calls. The J♠ on the river seems to be a card that Medesan likes and he leads 500,000 into the Dane. Baekke grimaces and makes the call saying, ‘I have a bad feeling about this.’ Baekke had backed into a set of jacks but Medesan had rivered a nut straight with A♠10♥. — RD


Allan Baekke

3.10pm: More three-betting
It’s all getting a bit tasty now. Johannes Strassmann made another standard pre-flop raise and Russell Carson defended his big blind with a three bet to 315,000. Strassmann folded. — HS

3.05pm: Schroer all-in
Baekke raises to 85,000 and Schroer pulls up his hood, pushes his chips (890,000) into the middle and puts his head onto the felt. Baekke passes. Schroer is up to 1m. — RD

LEVEL UP. BLINDS NOW 20,000-40,000, 4,000 ANTE

3pm: Wheeler halted
For the second time in this final Brent Wheeler opens with a raise to 110,000 – and for the second time Allan Baekke re-raises him and takes the pot. — SY

2.50pm: Carson wins two on the bounce
Baekke open raises and is three-bet to 225,000 by Russelll Carson and the Dane folds. Carson scoops the blinds on the next hand. — RD

2.50pm: Medesan four-bets all-in
Allan Medesan opens from late position and is three-bet from Johannes Strassmann in the blinds. The Romanian wastes no time in shipping his stack in to pick up a nice 200,000 pot when the German quickly mucks. — RD

2.45pm: Baekke wriggles out of Strassmann’s trap
Johannes Strassmann raised to 75,000 from mid position and Allan Baekke called from the button. It was just those two to a flop of A♥2♥3♠ and Strassmann check-called Baekke’s 85,000 bet.

The turn was 7♠, which they both checked, and then the river was A♣ and they both checked that too. Baekke was first to show and tabled Q♣10♣. Strassmann showed his A♠10♥. He’d given Baekke the rope to hang himself, but the Dane refused. — HS

2.42pm: A pretty picture
Well, not that pretty. It’s a bunch of eight blokes after all. But here’s our final table line up.


EPT Snowfest final table (from l-r): Alain Medesan, Daniel Van Kalkeren, Jonathan Schroer, Johannes Strassmann, Allan Baekke, Lukas Baumann, Brent Wheeler, Russell Carson.

2.40pm: Daniel Van Kalkeren finishes eighth for €37,000
It did not take long to lose our first player of the final, and it was as straightforward as these things can be. Van Kalkeren shoved for 366,000 with 5♥5♦ and then Alain Medesan re-raised all-in for just over one million with A♦K♠. Everyone else got well out of the way, and the race was on.

The flop came K♥10♠8♥, pretty much killing off Van Kelkeren from the off. The 2♠ turn and Q♥ river failed to revive him. Medesan up to 1.4 million. — SY

2.35pm: Our first flop!
Don’t get too excited though. Allan Baekke raised to 65,000 and Johannes Strassmann called from the button. The board came 7♣2♦3♦ and after Strassmann checked, Baekke bet, and Strassmann folded. I’m not sure we’ve seen a hand for the edit yet. — HS

2.29pm: Schroer on the shove
Here’s one way to deal with Allan Baekke: after an early position raise from the chip leader, Schroer shoved all in for 898,000. Baekke folded. — HS

2.27pm: Another three bet
Two hands in, and we have seen two three bets. This time Lukas Baumann opened to 72,000 and Alain Medesan bumped it to 230,000 from the big blind. Er, fold. — HS

2.25pm: We’ll see this again
The first hand was folded to Brent Wheeler in the cut off and he raised making it 76,000. Allan Baekke, to his left and on the button, casually three-bet to 210,000, and everyone else, including Wheeler, folded. It’s going to be a long day for Wheeler with that seat draw. — HS

2.20pm: Off we go
Right on cue – and by “right on cue” I mean, of course, 20 minutes late – we’re off! There are 28 minutes left in this level. Here’s a video of what we’ve got to look forward to…

1.45pm: Readying for the final
The elimination of Huub Verdonschot in level 24 last night brought us down to our final eight. You can find out all you ever wanted to know about them, and less, by reading the final table player profiles.

You can relive all of yesterday’s action by flicking through yesterday’s wrap and you can see all the money winners so far on the prizewinners page.

Play is due to begin on the final table at 2pm, so make sure you’re back here at 2.15pm to read our excuses as to why we’re late. (Sneak preview: it will be to do with photographs being taken and players being wired up for broadcast on EPT Live.)

Get ready.


Thomas Kremser prepares for the final


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