EPT Snowfest: Final table level 29 and 30 updates (80,000-160,000)

March 26, 2010


1.30am: Allan Baekke is the EPT Snowfest champion!
In the first hand after the break Allan Baekke called all-in with pocket sevens to beat Russell Carson’s K♣J♠. It’s a big flip for the Dane who wins €445,000 for the victory. Carson, a very worthy runner up, wins €296,000 for his troubles. It was an epic heads up.

The damage was done when Carson opened from the small blind to 320,000 and was three-bet by Baekke in the big blind. The Canadian wasted no time in shipping in his four million stack only to be snap called by Baekke with 7♦7♣. Carson opened up K♣J♠ to give himself a good chance with a flip. Could Carson win another coin toss? With a 6♦7♠2♦ flop it was more than unlikely. A 10♦ on the turn and 4♣ on the river sealed the win for the aggressive Dane. Wrap report to come. — RD

LEVEL UP. BLINDS NOW 80,000-160,000

1.15am: Break time
That’s the end of the level, so we’re now going into level 30 with blinds of 80,000-160,000.

1am: Baekke back over 12million
Allan Baekke bet 260,000 and Russell Carson called. The flop was 3♣9♠8♣ and Carson checked, Baekke bet 300,000, Carson re-raised to 1.1million and Baekke called. Both then checked down the 5♣ turn and 5♠ river. Carson had 10-J for the missed straight draw and Baekke showed Q♣8♦ for the pair.

Baekke is now back up to 12million to Carson’s 4million. — SY


The heads up duel: Carson on the left, Baekke on the right

12.55am: Baekke grinding his lead back up
Carson limps the small blind and Baekke raises to 370,000. Carson calls but instantly folds to the continuation bet on the K♣2♣K♥ flop. — RD

12.44am: Another double for Carson!
Russell Carson is back from the dead. He’s now up to 6.6million to Baekke’s 9.5million thanks to a second quick double up. Carson had raised to 260,000, Baekke re-raised, Carson pushed for 3.3million and Baekke called quickly.

Baekke: 5♦5♠
Carson: A♣K♣

It was already tight, then the flop of 3♣2♣7♥ gave Carson 15 outs, statistically making him a favourite with the nut flush draw and two overcards to aim at. The river was one of those, K♠, putting Carson well in front. Baekke had just one out, but the Q♣ was not it. — SY

12.40am: Soul read!
Carson folds in the small blind and Baekke shows pocket Aces. It’s a nice dodge for the short stack. They’re all-in for a flip! — RD

12.30am: Double up for Carson; major outdraw
This was a heads up cooler, and then it was a heads up vicious outdraw. Baekke limped from the small blind and then Carson moved all in for about a 1.5million, which Baekke called instantly. Baekke was ahead with A♣Q♦ against Carson’s A♥J♠ and he stayed there through flop and turn. But a jack spiked on the river to give the hand to Carson and keep this one alive. — HS

12.25am: Huge pot for Baekke
This one could be the decisive hand of the tournament. It ended with Allan Baekke moving to around 14 million in chips against Russell Carson’s 1.9million. Both saw a 5♣6♠2♠ flop and Carson check called Baekke’s 700,000 bet. On the 4♣ turn he check called Baekke’s 1.3million pot. Then on the 7♦ river Carson checked and Baekke bet a hefty 2.27 million. It was around half of Carson’s stack. After a brief dwell he made the call and got shown 8♦6♦ for Baekke’s top straight. — SY

12.05am: Another four-bet helps Baekke to a 9m lead
Allan Baekke has made another 1m+ four-bet to push Carson off his hand and into a 9m to 7m chip lead. — RD

12.00am: Carson pumps the pot
Carson three-bets from the big blind to 700,000 and is called by Baekke. A 975,000 continuation bet on a paint-laden K♥10♠Q♦ flop is enough to win it for Carson. — RD

11.55pm: One way then another
It’s a bit tit-for-tat at the moment with both Allan Baekke and Russell Carson trading pots. On this one Baekke made it the standard 225,000 bet pre-flop which Carson called. Both checked the 4♠9♣5♠ flop, but on the 7♦ turn Baekke made it 275,000 and Carson called. On the 8♠ river Baekke continued with a 550,000 bet. Again Carson called – and showed K♥6♠ for the rivered straight. Baekke had J-9. –SY

11.50pm: Four-bet from Baekke
Allan Baekke has made the first four bet of the heads up moving 1.575m chips over the line. Carson throws his hand and Baekke scoops the preflop pot. — RD

11.40pm: And we’re heads up
The dualists are back at the table and we can see that Canadian Russell Carson and Dane Allan Baekke are almost level with over eight million apiece. Baekke will fancy himself as the heads up specialist but Carson doesn’t look scared and draws first blood in a three-bet pot when he stabs at the 10♠4♠8♣ flop. — RD

11.25pm: Johannes Strassmann is out in 3rd for €166,000
Team PokerStars Pro Johannes Strassmann is out in 3rd place. Strassmann had raised to 225,000 from the small blind and was called by Baekke in the big blind. Strassmann made a solid continuation bet for 400,000 into a 10♦A♣4♣ flop and Baekke made the call. Strassmann kept up the aggression on the 9♦ turn with a 1,100,000 bet. Baekke slowly counted out dual towers of orange and black/yellow chips and made the call. The river brought a very juicy K♦ completing a lot of backdoor draws. Strassmann moved all for over 2,000,000 and Baekke instantly called.

Strassman: A♥K♠
Baekke: 4♦5♦

It’s a big call on the turn and the river delivered him the goods. Strassmann is out and the play is heads up for the trophy. — RD


Johannes Strassmann in action

11.20pm: Strassmann flushed out by Baekke
Johannes Strassmann has been knocked out by Allan Baekke. Full details are on their way. — HS

11.15pm: Two for Baekke, one for Carson
Allan Baekke has won the last two hands against Johanness Strassmann. Strassmann didn’t put any money in post flop but it’s helped Baekke gain momentum. Momentum that is swiftly crushed by the three-bet of Carson the next hand. — RD

11.00pm: Victory still up for grabs
The blinds are a chunky 50,000-100,000 which means even the shorter stacks, Allan Baekke and Johannes Strassmann, have over 40 big blinds each. The title is still very much there to be taken. Baekke opens to 225,000 and has just passed to a 675,000 three-bet from chip leader Russell Carson. — RD

11.00pm: Hand 200
It’s hand 200 of the final table and Johannes Strassmann raises from the button to 250,000. Allan Baekke three-bets from the small blind to 675,000 and gets a fold. It’s a nice addition of 380,000 to Baekke’s stack. — RD

10.45pm: Baekke gets some back
Russell Carson made it 250,000 and Allan Baekke called. Both checked the 6♦6♥K♠ flop, but on the 4♣ turn Baekke bet 275,000 – call. The river was 7♥ and Baekke now made it 410,000. Carson called quickly but soon mucked when Baekke showed K♦9♦. — SY

10.35pm: Baekke moves all-in. Carson calls.
Russell Carson had been very quiet up until this hand. Throughout the last couple of days Carson seems to have been blessed with big hands in the big pots and it happened again here. Carson raises to 250,000 from the button and Baekke moves all-in on him. Carson instantly calls.

Carson: Q♦Q♠
Baekke: 4♣4♠

The flop brings an entertaining straight draw sweat: 7♠6♦5♦ but the turn and river deliver running diamonds with 2♦ and J♦ to give Carson an unnecessary flush and the chip lead with the 7,170,000 pot. — RD

10.25pm: Back again
After that short break the players have returned to slug it out in level 29. Blinds are 50,000-100,000 and there’s a 10,000 ante to cough up each hand. It’s fair to say this is getting quite expensive. Here are the current chip stacks:

Allan Baekke: 6,855,000
Johannes Strassmann: 5,895,000
Russell Carson: 3,725,000


The outside pool at Snowfest, with the Alps in the distance

PokerStars Blog reporting team keeping its distance from mountain goats: Rick Dacey, .Howard Swains and Simon Young


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