EPT10 Barcelona: From the green to the felt for Sergio

September 05, 2013

All week we’ve been accustomed to talking about Spanish sports figures. After all, we’re at a poker tournament, and poker and sports overlap in enough ways to make the topic a kind of common ground among players and media alike.

We’ve seen a few this around the Casino Barcelona week in fact, including FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué who played in both the Main Event and today in the High Roller.

A short while ago we were traveling back and forth between those two events when we spotted another of the nation’s most famous sportsmen, golfer Sergio Garcia, who’d taken a seat in one of the side events, the €1,000+ €100 Single Re-Entry No-Limit Hold’em. He appeared to be enjoying himself, despite being surrounded by a tableful of opponents representing potential traps and hazards.

NEIL0060_EPT10BAR_Sergio_Garcia_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Sergio Garcia

The golfer with two dozen PGA tour wins to his credit has shown up at poker events in the past, so it wasn’t necessarily too surprising to see him here. Although when EPT Media Coordinator Mad Harper saw him she couldn’t help but ask why he’d chosen a side event rather than the Main Event.

Turned out Garcia was a little busy earlier this week. In the Deutsche Bank Championship that completed on Monday, Garcia finished tied for fourth, which sounds to us a reasonable explanation for missing the Main.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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