EPT10 London: Yan and Yliato lead as big money approaches in London

October 10, 2013

EPT London is down to its final 16 players; two tables and two days away from finding the champion. At the rate these days have been going, that could actually mean only about ten hours at the tables: we played four levels today and four yesterday, during which time we’ve cut out the zero from Wednesday’s starting field of 106.

Our two tournament leaders, David Yan and Robin Yliato, have been largely responsible for this rate of attrition, knocking out player after player in huge coups. It helps when people shove into you when you’re holding aces — as Jamil Kanji did to Yan — or shove with tens when you have jacks — as Dimitrios Farmakoulis did to Ylitalo. It’s then a case of riding rough-shod over everyone else until the day is done.


David Yan, centre, leading into day five

Neither Yan nor Ylato made it on to the main feature table today, but there were a couple of men playing similar roles there. Javier Etayo sent Shannon Shorr (among others) out the door, when the latter admitted that he backed a read that turned out to be wrong. Meanwhile Ludovic Geilich is still uncertain whether he wants to represent Germany or the UK — he has parents from each country — but he is certainly decisive when it comes to getting chips in the pot.


Ludovic Geilich: forceful performance on the feature table

He won on the UKIPT this year and was playing with the abandon of someone confident that they’re playing well and running better. Geilich knocked out Yngve Steen when he called a shove with king high, and then hit a flush with K♥3♥ to end Thomas Muhlocker’s day.

The full counts for the remaining 16 are as follows:

David Yan – 2,313,000
Robin Ylitalo – 2,146,000
Martin Kozlov – 1,664,000
Georgios Karakousis – 1,615,000
Stefan Vagner – 1,558,000
Ludovic Geilich – 1,447,000
Javier Etayo – 1,391,000
Jan Olav Sjavik – 1,160,000
Jeff Rossiter – 977,000
Tudor Purice – 831,000
Kuljinder Sidhu – 814,000
Kent Roed – 540,000
Nicolau Villa-Lobos – 455,000
Leo McClean – 444,000
Senh Ung – 428,000
Neophytos Neophytou – 333,000

You’ll see Jeff Rossiter there, continuing his amazing 2013, in which he is already the third highest money earner in live tournament poker. There’s another UKIPT champion there too: Nico Villa-Lobos is clinging on.

Jan Olav Sjavik has previously come third at EPT London, and Tudor Purice has been a day-end chip leader at the end of day two. However, other than that it was a bad day for the known players, with Devilfish, Andy Moseley, Leon Louis, Paul Berende, Kitty Kuo and Timothy Adams all busting.


Jan Olav Sjavik: back on TV

(Thank goodness, then, for the £10,000 High Roller, which attracted a star-studded field and plays on into the night.)

Anything played at this pace remains compelling viewing. And we invite you to aggregate your viewing of EPT Live with a scan through some of our coverage today.

There were chats with Yan and Kuo, and then the footballer-turned-poker-player Steve Watts. Laura Cornelius tried to get a straight answer out of Devilfish (failed) and we looked at Martin Jacobson and Ben Dobson’s success.

The best piece of the day, however, was when we got totally blanked. It can work like that.


Tower Bridge. Not London Bridge. Remember


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