EPT11 Malta: A cosmopolitan field in the centre of the Mediterranean

March 24, 2015

Six players registered at the start of Day 2 and although they have been scattered through the tournament field, it’s hard not to look at the list and think, “Yeah, that would make a pretty good sit and go.”

Olivier Busquet, Sorel Mizzi, Johan van Til, Ambrose Ng and Shaan Siddiqui joined Dzmitry Urbanovich in only signing up this afternoon. It brought the total number of players to 895 and the prize pool to €4,340,750.

The tournament organisers will take some time to determine exactly how the prize pool is going to be paid out, but Mad Harper, the EPT Media Co-ordinator, has been a little swifter in accessing her piechart software and delivering the much anticipated nationalities breakdown of the field.


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The remarkable number of shades on the piechart testify to the cosmopolitan nature of this event — fitting, really, given that Malta prides itself for its location in the centre of the Mediterranean.

Italian players are the most populous here. There are 96 of them, representing 11 percent of the total field. There are 91 Germans (10 percent) and then players from the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Russia round out the most represented European nations.

As we discussed earlier in the week, Maltese poker is only just beginning its boom and, resultantly, the home nation does not yet have many players equipped with a €5,300 buy in. There were five Maltese in the field, of whom only Alan-James Brincat survived into Day 2.

Brincat is the leader of the Maltese money list, yet has only one recorded tournament cash: second place in the Battle of Malta in this very room in November. Then he was the rookie who made good. Now he is carrying the hopes of a nation.

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