EPT11 Malta: EPT Live is back!

March 23, 2015

By now there are a few of you out there thinking “that’s enough about field sizes, sliced apple and re-buy events, where there hell are Joe and James?”
Rest easy people, you’re now only one more sleep away from the first day of EPT Live, which kicks off on Day 2 of the Main Event tomorrow.

James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton will be back in the usual fashion with a little help from Matt Broughton along the way, with live coverage from the start of play each day through to the end. You won’t miss a thing.


By now you should know what to expect. Along with the irreverence, a little insight and tomfoolery, they’ll be plenty of opportunity to get involved with the show, which you can tweet using the hashtag #EPTLive.

Then they’ll be the usual features as the team follow a qualifier through each stage of their EPT Main Event experience. Meanwhile Stapes will be put to the Maltese edition of Challenge Stapes (dress up as a Falcon perhaps?), while you’ll also find interviews, quizzes and another chance to take part in the EPT Live freeroll league.

As always this is accompanied by roving camera teams on the floor taking you to the heart of the action on the tournament floor with a view of the action even better than the players.

It starts when play starts, tomorrow at 12 noon local time (CET). All you need to do to watch is go to PokerStars.tv and following the link. Watch it all the way through, keep it on in the background, watch incognito at work – it’s up to you. Either way it’s your window in the EPT world as we work through to a first EPT Malta champion on Saturday.

To get all the latest news, chip counts and pay outs, don’t forget to download the EPT App on both Android or IOS.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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