EPT11 Malta: On the occasion of Ori Miller’s birthday

March 25, 2015

It’s not always obvious, but poker is sometimes a team game. I don’t mean the type where countries go up against each other, or when a group of players band together. I mean in a different way. For sometimes it’s the people behind the player who make the player.

Being on the road isn’t always the life others imagine it to be. Sure, poker is sometimes rightly described as a game for young single men (and women) without commitments, ties or dependents, but not exclusively so. For the married man it means time away from home, away from family, in a game that can be hard on you sometimes.

So word from home can work wonders on your well-being, even if maybe the cards aren’t playing their part. Right now this applies to Ori Miller.

Ori_Miller_EPTMalta_ME_D3.jpgWorking a short stack: Ori Miller

Miller, from Israel, is a well-travelled player, frequently appearing (and cashing) in big games around Europe, with two wins in Cyprus last year. His only EPT cash before today was in Barcelona back in 2010. He’s guaranteed a second in Malta, but right now is playing a short stack, and his tired face betrays a little of the frustration that comes with it.

But sometimes it’s enough to know that not everything in life is about playing cards, as a box next to his chair demonstrates. It’s a cake box from a local Maltese caterer, with a message on it from his wife, who happens to be thinking about him right now, on what is Miller’s birthday.

ori_miller_birthday_eptmalta_me_d3.jpgA birthday message from his wife

Forgive us a little schmaltz, but in a business that takes a lot of people away from home, it’s right to send a little of the love back. Here’s to Mrs Miller. The least we can do is confirm safe delivery.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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