EPT11 Malta: So, is your wife pretty or not?

March 22, 2015

How much talking at the table is too much? I suppose you could say it depends. Nevertheless Marcin Horecki and Fatima Moreira De Melo set out to find out by deciding whether Horecki’s wife was pretty or not.

Actually that’s not strictly true, but I’ll get to that in a moment. For now I’d put it this way: the answer depends on who you are, and whether or not you’re the one losing chips while everyone else is enjoying themselves.

As Marcin Horecki put it “We’re supposed to have fun, right?”

de_melo_horecki_eptmalta_me_d1a.jpgFatima Moreira de Melo and Marcin Horecki, either side of Timur Margolin

He had a point. Poker is supposed to be fun, otherwise why bother, particularly on a stage as big as this. So he and Fatima Moreira de Melo, as well as Cristiano Blanco and Timur Margolin planned for just that, laughing as they went.

Horecki was looking at the tournament clock.

“250 today… 750 tomorrow, that’s 1,000 players,” said Horecki.

“You’re good at math!” joked Moreira de Melo, to everyone’s amusement.

“You bet on sports?” asked Margolin.


Speaking of being good with numbers, Moreira de Melo then told a story of how once she’d guessed the exact number of viewers for a TV shows, guessing 49,000.
“I had info,” she admitted. “The week before it was 52,000, and I knew that was going to go down.”

(Surely this was not something she herself was appearing in)

Meanwhile Margolin confessed to being terrible with this kind of thing, to the protests of Horecki.

“You guessed the eight would come on the river!” he said, reminding him of the dose of luck he’d experienced earlier today.

And so play continued with various stories being told. That’s when Mrs Horecki came up.

Now, for the record, this was good natured stuff, and even when Moreira de Melo insisted she would be the judge, it was in jest. At least I think it was (her nickname is “Bulldog”). But feeling the need to defend his wife Horecki produced photos for his team mate’s inspection, showing Mrs Horecki and his mother, Mrs Horecki, which Moreira de Melo looked over.

But all this had taken place as a hand between Margolin and Helge Pedersen got serious, an ace-high flop ushering in serious thought and contemplation. So when the subject turned to the family Horecki Margolin had to pipe up, with the dealer suggesting calm be restored.

Horecki and Moreira de Melo immediately agreed. Perhaps things were getting to be a distraction. Perhaps this sort of thing should be considered too much. They said so again when the hand finished, Pedersen (who won the hand) echoing the thoughts of Margolin.

So with peace made, and everyone friends again, everything went back to normal. There was quiet, before Moreira de Melo piped up:

“Your mum is pretty too.”

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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