EPT11 Malta: Sorrow? Shame? Nah, just multi-tabling

March 22, 2015

All right, this is all going to sound a bit complicated, but bear with me and try to make sense of it as we go along.

The action is by Jiri Horak, a young Czech player in a hurry, who folds two face cards and then raises to 8,100 from the big blind on a seven-high flop.

Sam Chartier called for a deuce on the river. Horak, who had already folded, checked to Chartier who looked back at Horak who was looking at his cards again, and folding them.

Then Chartier moved all-in.

Horak had some thinking to do so he looked down, folded, thought for a bit, folded again, and then looked at his cards one last time. He mucked, leaving the pot for Chartier.

I’d better explain.

Somewhere on PokerStars there are five tables full of players unaware that one of their opponents is playing a sixth table. They’d probably be a little surprised to discover that this sixth table is in fact an EPT Main Event one.

Jiri_Horak_eptmalta_me_d1a.jpgJiri Horak

Not that this seems to be troubling Horak, who looks unfazed by the task of playing six tables at once, although there are a few tell-tale signs.

For one thing the casual observer might assume Horak is suffering from a chronic lack of self-esteem, or maybe, shame. His head drops every few seconds, as if he hasn’t the will to hold his head up, or can’t bear to let people look him in the eye.

Then there is the finger tapping. From across the table an opponent can only watch him tapping something in his lap every few seconds, something that for decencies sake might be best left alone.

But this is a normal look for a man playing five tables in addition to a live one.

None of this ends at the break either. Horak doesn’t get a break. Instead he strolls from the tournament room into the break area to find a seat to sit on and play. At one point he received a text message, so balancing his iPad on his knee, he typed a reply to someone (one that could only be “I haven’t got time for this!”) while keeping one eye on his lap.

Soon enough it’s time to return to his seat, where he resumed his nodding and tapping, seemingly oblivious to the real world going on around him. Then he folded.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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