EPT11 Malta: Tableswin getting the little things right

March 26, 2015

Ever played on one of those tables that drives you nuts? You may have encountered one. Either the felt is so worn that the cards don’t stop until they reach the floor, or there’s an inexplicable stain from something, or someone, causing you to get a little too friendly with the dealer?

Sometimes it’s the things you don’t notice that matter the most. You want the cards you use to be good quality, you want the chips you play with to make the proper noise, and you want the table on which all this is put to use, to look and feel, well, right.

Believe it or not the choice of tables at an EPT is not left to chance. It’s not a case of gathering a couple of hundred tables together from the nearest casino storeroom. EPT tables are especially built for the job.

The company behind the tables you’ll play on at an EPT, whether that’s a Main Event, a High Roller, or a €100 turbo, is tableswin.


An Italian company, tableswin will make you a table to your specifications, and using only the finest material. It’s the detail that makes the difference.

On the EPT that means a unique experience. Not only is the blue felt made from the highest quality (folding and then resting your hands on the table actually feels good), they’re also incorporated with a band of light that encircles the table. You can play in the dark if you want to (we don’t advise this), and switching it on has the effect of bringing the table to life.

Then there are the other bits, like the retractable drinks holders which also has a charging point for your phone or tablet. Remember those days when you had to find a spare power socket somewhere in the tournament room and hope that someone didn’t unplug it, or maybe worse? Those days are gone thanks to tableswin.


That’s our take anyway. You can test them yourself by making your way to an EPT stop near you. There are 90 of them in operation in Malta this week (with more than 130 used in Barcelona), each built to the same specification and each integral to the EPT experience.

Like we said, it’s the little things that you don’t always notice that often matter most.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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