EPT11 Malta: The things going on right now

March 24, 2015

The end of Day 2 is in sight. If players aren’t yawning their shoring up their stacks or trying to make the most of anyone taking their foot off the peddle. There’s plenty going on, if you sit and watch for a little while. For instance:

Kitty Kuo taking a selfie – a player picking up their things and leaving – Jack Salter telling Kitty Kuo he’s hungry – everyone looking tired – Italian media leaning over the press balcony to watch their man – Sami Shetta, who has “Freedom” tattooed on his head, smiling – a grown man on the rail also taking a selfie.

Marcin Horecki forcing himself to smile as he busts and walks to the rail – a man on the same rail making a fist at his friend, still in the Main, by way of encouragement – Jack Salter eating leftovers from Kitty Kuo’s bag of food – Robin Ylitalo having his head massaged – Noah Villaincourt performing stretches behind his chair – one player folding pocket eights face up – the same player chewing gum with his mouth open – a massage therapist leaning an elbow into someone’s spine.

A player standing to get a better view of a flop – the same player calling an all-in – the same player losing the all-in – Govert Metaal spinning a chip – Jeff Hakim pulling his chips back after an unanswered shove – a woman sitting on the rail staring at the boots of another woman sitting on the rail – two floor staff yawning – Alexey Andreev flipping up his clip-on sunglasses – Alex Bilokur watching a costume drama on his iPad – Dan Smith asking Philip Benvenuto if he has “15 blues or 15 total?” – Dan Smith putting him all-in – Dan Smith winning the hand.

jack_salter_eptmalta_d2.jpgWe must have missed “Jack Salter balancing on a chair”

Koray Aldemir shaking his head at something – two curly-haired Italian dealers typing chip counts into their phones – a member of the TV crew drinking coffee – a sunburned ElkY trying to leave the tournament room – a cameraman taking a bite out of a chocolate bar – ElkY waiting patiently for a microphone to be attached to his shirt – ElkY being interviewed by a man in a plaid jacket and yellow tie – a cameraman picking his teeth clean – the same cameras spotting Ole Schemion on the rail – Ole Schemion pretending he hasn’t seen the camera – Ole Schemion doing a lap of the tournament room anyway.

Jonathan Duhamel talking to someone on the rail – Fatima Moreira de Melo also talking to friends on the rail – Dominic Panka suspicious of a man behind him standing to rotate his hips – Fedor Holz nodding sympathetically at whatever it is the man next to him is saying – Griffin Benger chewing a toothpick – Leo Margets busts.

In a few moments all of that will switch to become a vibrant scene of happiness, or at worst relief, as around 200 players bag up for the night. Then, like a ship’s crew on shore leave, they’ll pour out into the streets of St Julien’s to unwind, before returning here tomorrow to do it all again.


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