EPT12 Barcelona: Jacobson and the about-face

August 22, 2015


martin_jacobson_shr_d1.jpgMartin Jacobson
You’re up against the reigning world champion Martin Jacobson, a man who, while his reign might have just weeks left to run, is a player of formidable talent and reputation. What’s more, with a lot of your chips in the pot and a board now dealt to the river, the champ just moved all-in. It’s you who now has the decision to call.

But there’s more to it than that. Because you’re Imad Derwiche, runner up in the €25,000 High Roller at EPT Monaco a few months ago. You have your own things to prove.

Finding himself in this position Imad Derwiche realised he had a situation on his hands, and as he’d waited several minutes to act, a rail to watch him. The board read A♣K♥K♦ J♠2♠. Derwiche went into the tank.

Players will do various things in moments like this. They might cover their face, or even start talking uncontrollably. Others opt for the old fashioned approach, and choose to stare at their opponent. But it’s not always clear what they’re trying to see.

Derwiche thought he’d seen something, and told Jacobson using limited English.

“Your… (at this point he gestured to Jacobson’s neck) is… (at this point he made a gesture to suggest a throbbing)boom, boom.”

Jacobson grinned at this. “It’s exciting,” he said in reply, as Derwiche’s tanking went on.

“You don’t have a king,” Derwiche said.

“If I don’t have a king, then you have a king,” said Jacobson.

Sensing by now that the old stare down hadn’t really worked, Derwiche went back to rubbing his faces and clasping his hands.

It’s possible he had another strategy, because he arranged his stack with a tower of chips ready to call. Or had he? In fact the tower he had ready was worth far more than a call. A re-raise perhaps? Jacobson never found out. Derwiche folded, and had his plea to “see one” denied.

Jacobson then raked in his chips while Derwiche settled for a face-saving fist pump.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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