EPT12 Barcelona: Advice if forced to pick a SHR to babysit your kids

August 23, 2015


christoph_vogelsang_shr_d2.jpgHelp yourself to whatever’s in the fridge
Alright we admit it, this scenario is not likely to crop up any time soon. But in the interests of always being prepared, if there ever comes a time when you have to pick a poker player to babysit your kids, you’d do worse than pick Christoph Vogelsang – working on the assumption that he would have no choice.

The reasons are plentiful.

For a start he’s hugely successful as a super high roller. His career was kick started in 2014 with a third place finish in the Big One for One Drop worth more than $4 million, but his is a resume based on big cashes. The man knows how to play cards well, which comes in handy as you play endless rounds of Go Fish, Old Maid and Sleeping Queens.

Then there’s his intellect. Aside from two University degrees, he took to poker in a matter of weeks, going from $10 to $5,000 in a month according to interviews. If even a fraction of that analytical mind rubs off on your cherished little ones then you’re retirement starts to look a little rosier.

Then there’s his character. Vogelsang’s world view extends beyond poker. It’s a game, and he enjoys immensely, but there is life out there as well. After his One Drop success Vogelsang told PokerListings how he took a break from playing online. Not for him the incessant need to be present at the tables. Instead he took time to reflect and plan his future. In this age of the internet and instant gratification, it’s a virtue that’s anyone would be wise to work on.

Then there’s his temperament. He could hardly be accused of being hot-tempered, a point emphasised in a hand a short while ago. JC Alvarado shoved with ace-queen and Vogelsang called with ace-king. The German barely flinched as two queens landed on the flop. Vogelsang has frequently expressed how his Christian faith keeps him level-headed in a game that can lend havoc to a man’s ego. Well, whatever it is, the capacity to remain calm in situations like that is rare and admirable. That comes in handy when you need to get small people to bed by 8 o’clock.

Finally there’s his appearance. Just look at his bag. For some the natural option is a grotesque man bag, as garish as is it too small for any practical purpose. But Vogelsang is different. He carries a dated brown leather briefcase. It looks like it might contain banking transactions, or maybe papers of vital importance to the government. In reality it carries his lunch, a few snacks and an extra sweater in case the air-con gets a little frisky. Any parent leaving kids in his charge would be thrilled by this forward thinking practicality. I like to think it also has a few dollars in a secret pocket for emergencies.

So there you have it. File this away under “could happen, but most likely won’t”, and then get back to watching him tearing through yet another Super High Roller field.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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