EPT12 Barcelona: Hear, hear! Richard Dubini takes down €2K NL; Salter 2nd

August 28, 2015

The main poker room here at the Casino Barcelona has over 100 tables, and most of the time a lot of those tables — all of them, sometimes — have been filled with players. As a result, the noise is constant, a dull roar that tends to obscure the particular sounds being made at a distance.

8G2A0271_EPT12BAR_TV_Table_Neil Stoddart.jpg

The TV table, in the center of the maelstrom
There was a moment earlier this evening when those standing around the makeshift rail set up to surround the final table of Event #43 — the €2K NL event that drew 510 players and on this third day of play had gotten all of the way down to a final two — were suffering from that exact difficulty.

They had seen Jack Salter of the U.K. make a large river bet, and leaning forward could see the board reading 2♥3♥5♣J♦4♦. They might have heard his opponent, Richard Dubini of Argentina, announce after a lengthy pause that he was raising all in. Even if they hadn’t, it was plain to see by the forward movement of chips what the action had been.

That’s when Salter began talking. Observers craned forward, cupping hands around their ears.

The word “straight” could be heard distinctly, part of a question. A series of questions, in fact. So could the word “ace.”

Salter’s interrogation went in a few different directions, although all of it seemed to revolve around the issue of the possible straight.

“How long of a straight?” Salter sounded like he might be saying. “Five cards? Six cards?” Then, with a chuckle, “Seven cards?”

Dubini was replying, his answers short and indistinct. Unlike those on the rail, Salter heard them perfectly, but it was still challenging to figure out just what Dubini meant by his bet.

At last, Salter noddingly tossed forward a chip to call, and all of the questions were answered when Dubini showed his hand — 7♦6♥.


Salter showed his hand to Dubini, and the cards were revealed briefly for the railbirds to spot an eight and a six. It looked as though one straight had beaten another. Salter — famously runner-up in the EPT11 Grand Final a year ago (and winner already of an event at this festival) — had finished second, and Dubini had won his first EPT event.

EPT_Barcelona-909_Winner Event43 NLH 2K Richard Dubini.jpg

Richard Dubini
Dubini stepped outside the confines of the railed off area, joining his friends to celebrate his victory. And no doubt discuss what had happened, likely finding an environment in which everything could be clearly heard.

After Israel’s Ori Miller had fallen in fourth today, Dubini, Salter, and Zachary Korik of the U.S. had made a three-way deal, meaning Dubini took away €142,376 of the prize pool, Salter €132,054, and Korik €123,009. It’s a career-best cash for Dubini who has collected many big scores on the LAPT and outside of Europe.

The noise continued all about, contributed by those playing the several events happening about the perimeter of the Main. Some numbers from events underway from the afternoon:

* €1,500 PLO (Event #56): 135 entries, €202,500 prize pool, 17 paid, €49,420 for first
* €500 H.O.R.S.E. (Event #59): 79 entries, €39,500 prize pool, 11 paid, €10,540 for first
* €1,000 NL Turbo Bounty (Event #60): 296 entries, €17,760 prize, 39 paid, €55,780 for first

We’ll keep an eye out, and ears open, for all the side event action, roaring on through the night.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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