EPT12 Barcelona: High Rollers on course to hit the wall

August 28, 2015


There could be a big problem in the High Roller event today. Nobody talks about it, and it’s almost like we’re trying to pretend it’s not there. And yet it’s as clear to see as a slow-roll. It’s called “the wall” and it’s at the far end of the tournament room.

There’s nothing mysterious about this, it’s actually the wall. And if players keep arriving at the rate they are we’re going to hit it fairly soon. When I started writing this there were 190 players registered. Now there are 230.

There’s a special technique to manage this expansion, known only to the tournament staff, that protects players from having to sit at a table alone until another player arrives. Instead it shuffles them around so that there is always space, and you never really notice that a new table has opened. One minute you hear someone talking about something, and the next minute, after walking to the other side of the room, there they are again talking about the same thing, having been plucked from one spot and dropped in another.

It adds to the whole sense of ridiculous. If the €10,000 price tag alone hadn’t already made you wince, there is the number of people playing. That’s gone up since two paragraphs ago, and is now at 290. Essentially the Season 2 EPT Grand Final is taking place in the tournament room. It could be the Season 9 one before registration closes.

All of which has to be done within three days (more ridiculousness). That wall is starting to look very close.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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