EPT12 Barcelona: Life’s good for Lynn Gilmartin; Aussie wins Women’s event

August 23, 2015


Lynn Gilmartin winner of the Women’s event
We apologise for sounding like a broken record but it seems the B in Barcelona stands for bigger. Events have been off the charts so far with attendance records getting smashed. A case in point is the Woman’s event, which has just wrapped up, was supposed to be a one day event but had to be extended to two as 148 ladies took part. That’s up 45% on the 102 who played last year and meant that the decision to stop play at 5am and return today was taken.

By that point the event was well into the money but whilst the seven players who unbagged chips this afternoon had all locked up €1,205 there was more than five times that – €6,890 to be precise – reserved for the winner. It took about three hours of play for the champion to be decided and she’s a familiar face to anyone who follows poker as it was Lynn Gilmartin who took the title. The Australian, who lives in Los Angeles, and is the host of the WPT and Alpha 8 coverage couldn’t contain her smile as she relaxed after winning. “It’s so satisfying, I’m elated to have won. Life’s good!”

A heads-up deal with fellow Australian Heather Dorazio meant Gilmartin took home an adjusted €5,890 and she was complimentary to her vanquished opponents. “The competition was tough, especially at the last three tables, as there were some really great players. I made some great friends and had a good time.”

For Gilmartin this trip is a refreshing change of pace as when she usually attends this festivals its to work, but she’s in town with her boyfriend Angel Guillen for a holiday with a little poker mixed in. “My boyfriend is playing the Main Event and so I came along with him and as a rare treat I’m actually here as a player and not working, so I thought I’d play the ladies event and here I am, I can’t believe I’ve won it. I think ladies events are great, they’re fun and I enjoy playing them.”


Gilmartin – delighted to win
As Gilmartin well knows you need a bit of luck to make it to the winner’s circle and hers came courtesy of the best hand in poker. “Early on I got my first ever royal flush,” she tells the PokerStars Blog. “I got paid too, not when I hit it but along the way when I was chasing it. My opponent mucked and I never show my cards but I said ‘I have to show these cards,’ it was spades so it was the ultimate!”

With form and euros in her locker she’s contemplating mixing more poker into the trip than was first planned. “Now I’m contemplating playing the main event,” she says with a grin. “Before buying into this event I said that I was going to use this as my satellite for the main event so now I feel like I should commit to that. I think I’ll play more even if I don’t play the Main Event, but I like to balance out my trips. I’ve come here to have a good time and see Barcelona so I’m definitely not going to spend every day in the casino.”

Whatever tournaments or trips this money goes towards there’s something that Gilmartin has earned here in Barcelona that will never be taken away from her. “The trophy means the world and to get the title means so much more for sure. The money does mean a lot to me but I really wanted this title. I’ve been around poker for six years, watching victories and trophy presentations and interviewing the winners and it’s so exciting to have my little moment.”

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