EPT12 Barcelona: Luca and Loosli tangle as Newey and O’Dwyer depart

August 24, 2015

When we last checked in with the €50,000 Super High Roller the final table had just been set, Dzmitry Urbanovich was leading the elite eight whilst Paul Newey and Sylvain Loosli were in need of help. Since then there’s been multiple all-ins, a few changes of the chip lead and two exits to tell you about…


The final eight
No sooner had the official final table photos been taken then we had significant action as the two short stacks got right into it. Loosli chanced his arm with K♠J♣ and found a willing customer in the shape of Ivan Luca, who had him dominated with A♠K♦. Not to worry though as a jack on the turn doubled up Loosli. On the very next hand Paul Newey’s bid for a double up would not go as smoothly. He pushed with queens, JC Alvarado looked him up with A♦K♦ and hit both overcards to send the Englishman out in eighth.

Luca and Loosli tangled again soon after when Luca found kings to double through Loosli who held K♣J♦. That left the Frenchman short but subsequent double ups against Urbanoivch and Alvarado gave him a somewhat workable stack again.

At this stage Urbanovich and Michael Egan were lording it at the top of the chip counts whilst Steve O’Dwyer, Luca and Loosli were slumming it at the bottom. It would be Luca – who it should be noted has the loudest and largest rail today – who would be central to the action between the three short stacks as he was involved in back-to-back all-ins.

In the first all-in those spectators watching on from the rail wouldn’t have known anything out of the ordinary was taking place until Steve O’Dwyer stood up to shake the hands of those left at the table. He three-bet all-in for 1,975,000 (16.45 big blinds) with pocket jacks and Luca – who was the original raiser – called with A♠K♠. A king on the flop was all Luca needed to eliminate O’Dwyer, the Argentinian barely had O’Dwyer covered and was still stacking chips when he got involved again.


Another strong showing from O’Dwyer
He splashed out a bet of 255,000 from under-the-gun and it folded all the way to Loosli in the big blind. The Frenchman took a look at his cards, glanced at his chips, decided it was time to go and moved all-in for 1,570,000. Luca didn’t even need a count before calling it off with A♥K♦ which was well ahead of Loosli’s J♥8♥. Yet again though Loosli would hit when he needed to as the 2♥6♦7♣8♦5♥ board favoured the all-in player. That pot meant Loosli now had marginally more chips than Luca but also that the field was becoming bunched.

No player was in the danger zone though as Luca -with around 22 big blinds – was the shortest stack with 2,600,000, whilst Loosli (2,800,000) and Vogelsang (3,400,000) also had below average stacks. Sitting in third spot was start of day chip leader Michael Egan with (4,100,000) whilst Urbanovich (5,625,000) had been usurped by Alvarado (6,000,000).


The new chip boss
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