EPT12 Barcelona: Seeing in the New Season in style

August 24, 2015


We want you to be in the best possible condition when you arrive to play an EPT Main Event. Mentally alert, physically prepared, and eager to give maximum focus and concentration to the task at hand. After all, to some players, this might well be the biggest event they’ve ever played. You have to be on your game.

Which makes it ironic really, because we throw these lavish welcome parties on the night before you need to be in shape. Funny how things work.

dancers_pokerstars_party.jpgHats optional
But it’s not a test. We’re not actually trying to check your restraint in the face of overwhelming free drinks, as those who arrived at Danzatoria last night will verify. Instead it’s a great chance to meet, and chat, with fellow players, whether they’re qualifiers, professionals, or some of the Team Pros on hand to see in the new season.

Admittedly they each have their own way of doing this. For Leo Margets and Fatima Moreira de Melo, it usually looks something like this.

Whereas Jan Heitmann prefers to make a different kind of expression. For as well as being a poker player, piano player and a public speaker (not to mention a husband and father), he’s also an accomplished magician. Or a witch, depending on how close you get to one of this performances.

jan_heitmann_party.jpgIs this your card?
Theo Jorgensen leans towards the latter, having been left dumbfounded by one trick, almost to the point of seeking some sort of revenge. Had Heitmann tried this 200 years ago the results might have been a little more toasty, shall we say. But last night, in this enlightened age, it just left everyone open-mouthed, and in convenient need of refreshment.

theo_jorgensen_party.jpgTheo jorgensen comes to terms with Jan Heitmann
Luckily that was on hand into the early hours. The brave, and by that we mean those with an appointment in the Main Event on Day 1A, stayed to the very end along with those with no urgent need to get up the following morning. While the cautious, not tempted by one last Mojito, turned in early.

This is all normal for a PokerStars party, which are open to any EPT player and their guests. If you think you might like to take the test – I mean enjoy a night of music, free drinks and good company – then you could join us at our next event in Malta. Check out the PokerStars lobby for details, with satellites to suit every bankroll. And if you don’t already have a PokerStars account, you can set one up in no time here.

Now the action turns back to poker, and scoring some aspirin.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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