EPT12 Barcelona: Spinning it up through the hyper-turbo

August 23, 2015


Another €50,000 by Connor Drinan in the super-sat

Yesterday afternoon, we heard for the first time about the €5,000 hyper-turbo super satellite to Day 2 of the €50,000 Super High Roller. Not only is that a lot of “super”s for one event, but also there were also a lot of other add ons to the title too: it was a re-buy, it was a “must-play” and, as detailed yesterday, it was a “reverse freeroll” too. (All this is explained in our reverse freeroll primer.)

“No one is going to play that,” one media representative said. “That’s a lot of money for a hyper turbo.” But EPT tournament organisers tend to know far better than media representatives about what their players want. So it was that 43 players stepped up, 12 re-bought and the prize pool of €266,750 offered five seats and one prize of €16,750.

The chunk of change went to Dori Yacoub, the well-known Lebanese high roller, but the seats went to Andrey Andreev, Andrew Chen, Connor Drinan, Zvi Stern and David Peters. Andreev, who came fourth in the €25,000 High Roller in Monaco in May, will unwrap a fresh stack of 250,000 this afternoon, as will Chen, who triumphed at the £10,000 High Roller event in London.

Stern is also a first-time entry to this tournament, but he is a man in form. He is going to head back to Las Vegas soon and play for the right to be named world champion in the November Nine.

This event has been a bit more complicated for Drinan and Peters. The former bought in twice yesterday for €50,000 apiece, busting his first bullet but then building his second stack up to 467,000. He’ll play with those chips only today. His €50,000 satellite victory is going into his pocket; he can’t add another 250,000 chips.

Peters’ R.O.I. graph for this one is going to be even more knotty. He won his seat into Day 1 in a satellite on the eve of the tournament. That bought him his first 250,000 chips, but they were dusted off on the opening day. He re-bought and built a stack of 497,000 (almost precisely twice the starting stack) and then won the other satellite too. It means (at least on paper) that he has paid €10,000 for entry and has had two stacks for that.

Other players either entering or re-entering this morning include JC Alvarado, Martin Kabrhel and Vladimir Troyanovskiy. The former pair are having a second stab, having been eliminated on Day 1. The latter is new to this event, having been involved in the Estrellas Main Event for much of yesterday.

Anyway, all of that is by the by. It is more interesting now to return to the main Super High Roller page and watch all the action unfold. They are already under way.

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