EPT12 Barcelona: What’s behind this Mercier (ahem) downswing?

August 22, 2015


jason_mercier_sarah_herring_shr_d1.jpgJason Mercier with Sarah Herring
It has, by all accounts, been a terrible year for Jason Mercier. Well, in Europe*. A look at his results for this year shows an astonishing dip in form (in Europe); with an extended slump that has earned him a meager return of $33,552 (in Europe). Sooner or later it will be time to start asking some difficult questions of the Team Pro.

It was not always like this. In 2014 he came second, right here, in a Barcelona 6-max event to pick up more than $630,000. In the year before that he won a €2k open face event, came seventh in the Main and then finished second in the Super High Roller, all at EPT Monaco. That was worth $1.7 million combined. Going back even further he reached two WSOP Europe final tables in 2012. But this year? Practically nothing.

So what’s behind this dry spell?*

Well, besides the fact it’s a long way from home over here, it’s obvious that he’s been distracted too easily by the lure of stateside riches. You can’t do well in Europe if you’re too busy winning one WSOP event, coming second in another, and then blithely taking down the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open for half a million dollars a few days ago. There are only so many hours in the day.

Then there are online distractions – that plague on modern life. How can you visit the local European casino to grind out a few dollars, when instead you spend your time sitting at home messing around on the internet all day, albeit to the tune of three SCOOP wins within the space of a week or two, adding up to a six figure haul.

Now he’s paying the price (in Europe). A single cash this year (in Europe) which came at EPT Monaco, where he finished 28th in the Main Event. Since then, nothing (in Europe). Nada. So his appearance in the EPT Barcelona Super High Roller this week has even greater relevance. Will it be the turning point? Can he turn the summer around? The 2015 numbers speak for themselves: $2,123,241 over there, $33,552 over here.

His previous low (in Europe) came in 2010, when Mercier earned $45,047. It means he must now earn $11,496 before the end of the year to beat that low. It’s a big ask. Can he do it? We’ll find out this week. Or the week after that. Or in the 12 weeks after that one.

*This post is sponsored by irony.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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