EPT12 Barcelona: William Kassouf talks his way to a win

August 27, 2015


William Kassouf – speech wizard
Move aside Mike Matusow, stand down Tony G, get out of it Daniel Negreanu. There’s a new talker in town and his name is William Kassouf. To be honest though the only surprising element is if anyone is surprised. The Londoner has been honing his speech game for years and ‘practices’ it whenever he can. It can get under the skin of the most skilled opponents, as it did to Vanessa Selbst at EPT10 London in 2013. The other players at his table never get get a moments peace, just ask Pierre Neuville who was left desperately needing headphones on Day 1 of this tournament.

If you’ve yet to experience the Kassouf chat, or simply need a refresher, then check out the hand below which happened earlier today when Kassouf was at the feature table.


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