EPT12 Prague: 100-proof ladies still alive in Main Event

December 13, 2015

Here at the PokerStars Blog (ahem, @PokerStarsBlog) we spend a fair bit of time keeping track of poker events on Twitter. Often, it’s easier to check in on players via Twitter than it is to track them down in a tournament. Such is the case with the last two ladies left in the Main Event, Elena Stover & Kitty Kuo.

Here’s the problem: one thing these two ladies have in common? Well, we’ll just let Kitty tell you herself.


That’s right. Kitty likes a drink, and if she looked to the barstool on her left, she might just see Ms. Stover sitting there.

We’re not just making assumptions here. Here is Exhibit #2.


Now, let us be clear. We admire these women for their stamina. In fact, we might ask for some pointers.

That’s…well, what we’re trying to say is, our team went out last night to shoot some snooker, and the drinks here in Prague are really cheap, and, well, it’s been a long day. More than a couple of times, we have looked at the ladies’ Twitter feeds and thought, “Well, a little hair of the dog might not be a bad idea.”



Both women, in addition to being a thousand times better than us at poker, are lovely, and they have somehow worked out a way to stay lovely after so much drink, despite what they may think.

NEIL3957_EPT12PRA_Elena_Stover_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Elevna Stover
Meanwhile, we all look like something that has washed up out of the Vltava river.


NEIL3511_EPT12PRA_Kitty_Kuo_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Kitty Kuo
We would just go ask them ourselves how to drink professionally while playing poker so well, but since they are both occupied being among the final 87 players, we’ll have to wait for another time.

Stover is looking for at least a top 50 cash to beat her best-ever live finish. Kuo, meanwhile will need to make the final table to set a personal best.

And, if things don’t go their way…well, we think they know what to do.



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