EPT12 Prague: A Super High Roller’s shopping list

December 10, 2015

Hey you, yes you! Wondering what sets these super high roller’s apart from mere high rollers and winning players? You know, apart from outstanding poker ability, dedication, devotion to poker above all else, brilliant analytical minds and ‘poker sense’.

Well they say you are what you eat and a cursory glance at the food and drink choices of the elite eight reveals some striking similarities in their selections. This ladies and gentleman is what a super high roller’s shopping list looks like, you never know it might just me the missing ingredient in your poker life.

Product Comments
Water Still and sparkling
Tea Mostly green tea by the looks of things
Coffee Espresso is their favoured brew
Raw Energy Bars Apricot and Cashew flavour naturally
Bananas Gotta have that potassium
Sugar Take away that bitter coffee flavour
Lemon Give your green tea that kick it needs
Snus Can’t afford to miss a hand by going outside for a smoke


The item on all the Super High Roller’s shopping list
It took 15 hands of the final table for all that lot to kick in and the first significant action to occur. John Juanda had entered the final table as the short stack and blinded down to 470,000 (just under 12 big blinds) by the time he made his move. He shoved from the button with J♠9♠ and Thomas Muehloecker looked at one card, then the other and quickly put in the calling chips. The Austrian showed A♥K♦ and Juanda was drawing dead by the river of a 6♦K♥2♣A♠4♦ board.

No sooner had the remaining players wished him ‘good game’ then Muehloecker was involved in another big pot, this time against Steve O’Dwyer. The Irishman opened to 85,000 from under-the-gun and called after Muehloecker three-bet to 295,000 from the small blind. A 10♠A♥6♣ flop hit the felt Muehloecker considered his actions for some time before betting 295,000. Quick call from O’Dwyer.

On fourth street – which was the 9♣ – Muehloecker tanked, Dzmitry Urbanovich, Sam Greenwood and Daniel Dvoress were all studying him for information at this point. Eventually he checked the action to O’Dwyer who bet 235,000 and Muehloecker smooth called that wager. The 4♥ river checked through and the Austrian opened A♣K♠, O’Dwyer let out a wry smile and checked his hand again before mucking.


The man at the centre of all the action
The blinds have just ticked up to 25,000/50,000 ante 5,000 and this is the current state of play. The next player out will earn €137,140.

Name Country Chips
Sam Greenwood Canada 2,740,000
Luuk Gieles Netherlands 2,600,000
Thomas Muehloecker Austria 2,550,000
Dzmitry Urbanovich Poland 2,397,000
Igor Kurganov Russia 1,775,000
Steve O’Dwyer Ireland 1,250,000
Daniel Dvoress Canada 700,000

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