EPT12 Prague: Don’t put your Super High Roller on the stage Mrs Worthington

December 09, 2015


the_tournament_stage_prague_9dec15.jpgThe stage, where the Super High Rollers have been playing today
In the local church hall where I live there’s a sign taped on the wall next to the stage. It reads: “Please keep your children off the stage”.

The person who created the sign no doubt did so from a position of safety consciousness, wary of the litigious nature of rented public space, and the three foot drop likely to seriously dent, literally and figuratively, any child’s self-esteem. Better safe than sorry, and so the sign went up, along with the “please wash your hands” notice in the bathroom, and “leave the kitchen area as you found it” one in the kitchen.

But I prefer to read the stage warning in the way Noel Coward intended, urging zealous parents to keep their children out of the acting businesses (see the lyrics to Mrs Worthington for the full story). Rather than being a health and safety mantra, the sign was instead sage advice, wisely protecting young wannabee from the cut throat world of limelight and stardom.

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Who knows if the parents of poker players heeded similar warnings, but If they did it came to nothing today in the Super High Roller event, played today on the stage in the tournament room, elevated on a pedestal that €50,000 rightly buys, complete with wings, curtains, an apron, and cross over.

It certainly adds a little drama to the performance – in this case an unusual 12 hour Avant garde show in which the cast members, who don’t know what will happen next, are slowly whittled down to one remaining star, the others having exited left. There is menace in the stage shadows, and the threat of potent threat of elimination lurking in the darkness somewhere, and with ten left we need to characters to disappear before the curtain falls on act two.

That’s when they’ll be down to a single table, and a single spot light shining down on them. It’s too late now to keep off the stage. The only question remaining is this: will they fall off the stage or be pushed off?

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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