EPT12 Prague: Greenwood out of the traps fast as SHR off to a slow start

December 08, 2015

With about five minutes to go until the start of the €50,000 Super High Roller it became apparent it wasn’t going to start on time. Granted that’s not exactly shocking news, but it should be pointed out that this was nothing to do with under prepared staff but rather a paucity of punctual players.

“Shuffle up and deal” was scheduled at 12.30pm local time and by 12:15pm the tournament director had all her ducks in a row. Six tables, with six dealers and a seventh table where the manual seat draw would take place. They waited, and waited, and waited for players to arrive. With a starting stack of 250 big blinds there isn’t exactly a need to turn up on time, but around eight minutes from the start Jeff Rossiter was the first player on the scene.


Players, come out come out wherever you are
The Australian, who has over $6,000,000 in lifetime earnings, was quickly joined by Paul Newey and Senh Ung, although the latter was there as an observer rather than with a tournament ticket. Rossiter is yet to cash in a Super High Roller on the EPT but finished second in the GuangDong Asia Millions in June 2013. That event carried a HK$1,000,000 ($129,000) buy-in. The two of them were the only players about when, with five minutes to go to the start, the TD announced that players could make there way over and that the manual seat draw could commence.

If it was hoped that this would cause a stampede of super high rollers it failed. But Christoph Vogelsang, who was wearing a striped black and white t-shirt, jeans and red trainers, was the next to arrive. What’s more he queue jumped Newey and made his way to the front of the line and was first to get a seat assignment. Luckily for the German, Newey is British and well versed in the art of queuing. He didn’t care, or indeed notice, and was laughing and joking with Vogelsang as they picked their seats.

They’d have to continue their conversation later. The lofty German ambled to seat one on table two whilst Newey took up residency in the same seat at table one. The clock had now reached zero but was paused as three players were needed at each table before play can begin. This didn’t take long as Vogelsang was joined by Oleh Okhotski and Daniel Dvoress, whilst Newey soon had Rossiter, Timothy Adams and Adrian Mateos for company.

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The drip of players now began in earnest and Steve O’Dwyer – wearing a new scarf – the ever present Mike McDonald, Mikita Badziakouski, Juha Helppi, Joni Jouhkimainen, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Luuk Gieles and Sam Greenwood took the total into double figures.


O’Dwyer – loves a new scarf
No sooner had Greenwood, who finished sixth in the EPT12 Malta Main Event, unracked his chips then he got involved in a big pot against Rossiter. Blinds are 500/1,000 ante 100 in the opening level of this event and Greenwood opened to 2,500 from under-the-gun and called when the Australian, who was to his immediate left, three-bet to 7,000 total.

The flop fell 5♠3♠J♥ and after Greenwood had checked, Rossiter bet 6,800 and Greenwood tank called. The Q♥ hit the turn and again Rossiter bet (20,500) and once more Greenwood called. This time though Greenwood spent longer in the tank on his decision than on the previous street. The 7♦ completed the community cards and Rossiter completed his set of aggressive action on every street by firing out a bet of 48,500 after Greenwood had checked for a third time. The Canadian weighed up his options and once more decided calling was the play, Rossiter didn’t show immediately and Greenwood opened K♠J♠ which proved to be the winner.


Good start for Greenwood
Even worse news soon followed for Rossiter as he was denied the chance to win those chips back. The influx of players meant a new table was started and Rossiter was one of those asked to move to compliment the numbers.

A slow start to this event is the norm. Last year the field topped out at 51 (42 entries, nine re-entries) so expect the field to grow as the day progresses. Indeed there are a few players in the record-breaking Eureka Prague Main Event who may well enter the fray should they get knocked out of that one as: Roberto Romanello, Andrew Chen, Ismael Bojang, Dietrich Fast and Chris Hunichen are still going strong on Day 2 of that event.

Edit: The field is now up to 23 runners. The likes of Ivan Luca, Ole Schemion, Fedor Holz, Dario Sammartino, Byron Kaverman, Mike Watson, David Peters, Stephen Chidwick, Anthony Zinno and defending champion Leonid Markin are now in the field.

Coverage of the Eureka Main Event is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.

You’ll find updates on the Super High Roller on this page throughout the day and all the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS.


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