EPT12 Prague: How long does it take to grow a lucky moustache?

December 10, 2015

What would drive a man so crazy, pushing him so close to the edge that he would choose to shave off his moustache?

Hard to believe isn’t it?

Only Mike Watson knows the answer, appearing in the Main Event today clean shaven, having played the Super High Roller moustachioed. We can only speculate as to what prompted it, whether it was for cosmetic reasons or because it had simply run out of luck. But there’s no denying that a small part of him is missing today.

mike_watson_eptprague_10dec15.jpgMike Watson
If there exists such a thing as a lucky moustache then Craig McCorkill wasn’t aware of it. Had he known how his day was about to go he might have devoted more time to standing in front of the bathroom mirror this morning trying to grow one.

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He’d sensed something would go wrong today. He told one reporter that he was wearing his special Christmas sweater today, predicting it would be his only chance to do so in the main event. He was right, but he couldn’t have known how short this day would be.

Because McCorkill was due for the poker equivalent of a car crash and the latest instigated by Charlie Carrel.

Carrel is one of this year’s breakout players, put on this earth to remind players from last year they’d better stay sharp, or else miss out on next year. Fearless, he’s a polite, personable thief. in weird trousers, a liquorice All Sorts sweater, and a mop of unkempt hair.

As so often happens with players who convince their opposition that they play any two cards, Carrell got dealt aces. And, as so often happens with players who take him on, McCorkill got kings. The money went in, McCorkill went out. Turns out he’d been right about the sweater, as Carrell’s grin confirmed.

charlie_carrell_eptprague_10dec15.jpgCharlie Carrell
That left him with twice the chips he started with, and the others at his table looking across with questions in their minds. Would such bad luck strike them also? Donnacha O’Dea, a player sharp enough to stick around for many a next year, didn’t let on. Neither did Mike Watson. Although I thought I saw him try to stroke his now departed moustache.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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