EPT12 Prague: Luuk Gieles leads Super High Rollers on opening day

December 08, 2015


What can you say about the day in which nothing really happened? That’s not strictly true. It’s just that day one of a Super High Roller is almost designed to be incident and (almost) elimination free.

The reasons are straightforward.

Firstly, the rewards are going to be big. Last year the winner of this event, Leonid Markin, took home €771,000. That’s more than enough reason to fire a second €50K bullet if you bust first for example, which is exactly what Markin did today.

Then there are the unlimited re-entries. Admittedly the €50K price tag means “unlimited” comes with a few implied limitations, but technically you can keep entering until they close registration tomorrow. So why declare yourself busted if you don’t have to?

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And so day one is typically a day when the field never shrinks, it only grows. And nothing much happens.

But even if that was true, there would still be a chip leader to talk about at the close. Tonight, that chip leader is Luuk Gieles.

Considering it was supposed to be an uneventful day, the Dutchman has had an eventful day.

luuk_gieles_eptprague_8dec15.jpgLuuk Gieles
He bags up 1,025,000 tonight in what is only his second Super High Roller. Still just 21, Gieles – who plays in the biggest sit and goes online – played the same event in Barcelona, but busted (twice if you consider his re-entry). But two events and three months later, he seems to be getting things right.

Behind him though he’ll notice he’s in good, and more experienced, company.

Sylvain Loosli, who won the event Gieles struck out in in Barcelona, is closest to him, followed by Ole Schemion, Mustapha Kanit and Igor Kurganov. The full list of 33 finishers (which looks a lot like the field of 47 starters), is available in full on our coverage page.

Those “out” tonight will only be confirmed out if they don’t reappear to play tomorrow. Registration remains open until 12.15pm, with play restarting 15 minutes later.

For now though catch up on the coverage from the day here. It was not an eventful day, but then again it wasn’t supposed to be. Instead, the fireworks will be kept for tomorrow. And there will be fireworks.

Join us then.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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