EPT12 Prague: Mid-day update: €921,540 to the winner; Chartier still leads

December 12, 2015

The plan today in the Main Event is to play six levels. The first three of those have just come to an end, so whilst the players enjoy some half-time oranges we take a look at what’s happened during the first half of the day.


Mid-day update

The biggest news today is the announcement of the prize pool! When late registration closed the entries were totted up and it was revealed that 1,044 players had entered the Main Event. They created a massive prize pool of over €5,000,000 – to be precise €5,063,400 – which will be split between the top 151 players. The winner will collect a great pre-xmas bonus of €921,540 whilst a min-cash is worth €8,910. Scroll down to see the entire payout structure.

The player looking most likely to take top honours right now is, the man who was leading after Day 1B, aka Sam Chartier. The Canadian has kicked on and increased his start of day stack (211,500) to 334,000. He took a big pot from Gerald Karlic with queens against eights on a nine high, four diamond board. Both players had a diamond. He then dented the Austrian further with jacks against tens.


Chartier still leads
It all means he’s got a healthy lead over the chasing pack. Alexander Reard (240,000), Anton Astapau (210,000), Bruno Lopes (195,000) and Abdelhakim Zoufri (180,000) complete the top five.


Chip counts

The blinds have just gone up to 800/1,600 ante 200. Below you’ll find the counts of those notable for the size of their stack or the reputation behind it. As it stands 369 players are still in and the average stack is 84,900.

Name Country Chips
Kuljinder Sidhu UK 160,000
Walid Abdi Ali Germany 160,000
David Boyaciyan Netherlands 157,000
Chris Moneymaker USA 155,000
Niall Farrell UK 150,000
Kitty Kuo China 150,000
Adrian Mateos Spain 145,000
Rainer Kempe Germany 137,400
Joao Vieira Portugal 137,000
Roberto Romanello UK 135,000
Anton Wigg Sweden 131,000
Elena Stover USA 125,000
Charlie Carrel UK 120,000
Konstantin Puchkov Russia 115,000
Ruben Visser Netherlands 110,000
Morten Mortensen Denmark 109,000
Dara O’Kearney Ireland 104,000
Ollie Price UK 98,800
James Akenhead UK 98,300
Yury Gulyy Russia 96,400
Matthias De Meulder Belgium 92,000
Jimmy Kebe France 87,000
Dermot Blain Ireland 85,000
Tom Hall UK 83,100
David Vamplew UK 82,000
Sam Greenwood Canada 80,000
Sebastian Pauli Germany 80,000
Johnny Lodden Norway 77,000
Jude Ainsworth Ireland 76,500
Mickey Petersen Denmark 74,000
Andrew Chen Canada 73,000
George Danzer Germany 65,000
Vitaly Lunkin Russia 65,000
Juha Helppi Finland 65,000
Vladimir Troyanovskiy Russia 64,200
Dimitar Danchev Bulgaria 61,300
Byron Kaverman USA 61,000
Julian Track Germany 60,000
Mike Mcdonald Canada 54,400
Vanessa Selbst USA 50,000
James Staples Canada 44,500
Thomas Muehloecker Austria 42,500
Ivan Demidov Russia 40,000
Andre Akkari Brazil 40,000
Jean Montury France 31,000
Ivan Soshnikov Russia 25,300
Igor Kurganov Russia 24,400
Theo Jorgensen Denmark 22,000


De Meulder and Lodden share a joke

Prize pool

A total of 1,044 players entered the EPT12 Prague Main Event and the top 151 places will get paid.

1st €921,540
2nd €557,480
3rd €391,910
4th €294,180
5th €226,330
6th €166,080
7th €122,530
8th €87,700
9th €68,560
10th-11th €56,950
12th-13th €50,990
14th-15th €45,930
16th-17th €40,860
18th-20th €35,800
21st-23rd €30,730
24th-27th €25,770
28th-31st €21,920
32nd-39th €19,040
40th-55th €16,200
56th-71st €13,720
72nd-95th €11,540
96th-119th €10,280
120th-143rd €9,220
144th-151st €8,910


Notable eliminations

The eliminations always come thick and fast on Day 2 and there’s been a slew of them so far with the field of 592 reduced by over 200 during the first 225 minutes of play. Faraz Jaka was the first notable out the door, he lost out to David Sa De Abreu who had him dominated with A♦Q♦ to Jaka’s A♣4♠.

Team PokerStars Pro’s Liv Boeree lasted a little longer until she shoved for around 14 big blinds with A♥Q♥ and failed to connect against Anthony Picault’s pair of jacks.


Short day for Boeree
The eliminations continued with: Stephen Chidwick, Andrey Pateychuk, Anton Bertilsson, Ivan Luca, Emil Patel, Sylvain Loosli, ElkY, Natasha Barbour, Marc Convey, Martin Staszko, Tobias Reinkemeier, Jonathan Roy, Manig Loeser, Russell Thomas, Gaelle Baumann, Dominik Panka, Lucas Greenwood, Ole Schemion, Eugene Katchalov, Simon Deadman, Mayu Roca, David Peters, Jason Tompkins, Steve O’Dwyer, Jean-Noel Thorel, Dzmitry Urbanovich, Christian Grundtvig, Jeff Rossiter, Benny Spindler, Martin Hruby, Anthony Zinno, Paul Newey, Mike Watson and David Yan among those to have exited on Day 2.


Convey and Urbanovich – both out

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