EPT12 Prague: Three in one hand? No problem for Steve O’Dwyer

December 11, 2015


Four-way all in: Proof it happened

Everybody remembers one lesson from the playground: don’t let the bully push you around. Stand up to him, throw some punches back. And if that doesn’t work, gang up. Get your mates involved too.

That’s the theory. But it doesn’t always work. Not long ago at the €25,000 Single-Day High Roller in Prague, three players tried to take a stab at Steve O’Dwyer, aiming simultaneous jabs at the man who has recently become the high stakes tournament tables’ tormenter-in-chief.

And guess what? Like the super-strength kid in every elementary school, the boy big enough to hold his own three year groups more senior, O’Dwyer simply let them all swing their punches before swatting them all away in one fell swoop.

Yep. Today, only a matter of hours after winning the Super High Roller event in Prague, O’Dwyer has hit a royal flush and, on a separate hand, knocked out three players in one go. You don’t see either of those things very often in any tournament, let alone by one player on a single day.


Steve O’Dwyer: Unbeatable

It was actually a pretty standard spot given the hands all the players had. O’Dwyer had J♦J♥, Anthony Zinno had K♣K♦, Sam Greenwood had K♠K♥ and David Steicke had A♥Q♦. O’Dwyer had them all covered in chips, but he was actually behind in the hand–at least to start.

But, boom, here’s the flop: 4♣10♦J♠. O’Dwyer flopped top set and all of the other players pretty much had all the other players’ outs. Steicke had a gutshot straight draw but, barring a phoney deck, couldn’t hit it. Meanwhile, Greenwood and Zinno also had each of the other’s outs.

There were runner-runner possibilities, but this is O’Dwyer we’re talking about. It didn’t hit, of course. The 8♠ on the turn effectively knocked out Zinno and Greenwood; the 8♠ accounted for Steicke too.

It gave O’Dwyer about 775,000 chips with which to make another charge at the final table.

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