EPT8 Copenhagen: Party’s over as the final 24 return

February 24, 2012


It’s the morning after the night before for some, and just the morning after for others. It was party time last night in Copenhagen as European Poker Tour players were invited to dance the night away at Zen, a nightclub that harnesses the principles and beauty of Zen Buddhism and turns it into a modern day inferno of drink and excess.

It was here that the big names mingled with the wannabes as the beer flowed like wine and music blared out across the night sky until well after the last shuttle bus had left for the hotel, leaving the stragglers looking for taxis.


Party time

That was then; the aftermath of it all is now.

Just 24 players remain in the EPT Copenhagen main event, led by the distinguished figure of Pierre Neuville. Not for him the nightclubs. Neuville is a man who plays poker for the sheer enjoyment, which shows doubly so when you bag up the chip lead.


Four green bottles of beer on a wall, four green bottles of beer…

Behind him are the likes of Team PokerStars Pro Martin Staszko and Team Online’s Mickey Petersen. You can also count among the chase pack the likes of Steve O’Dwyer, two Hansens, a Lauttamus and Michael Tureniec, the last of the former EPT winner who by chance won this event in this very room 12 months ago.

Today we play down to that final table of eight, regardless of how long that takes, and with no party tonight we can take our time. Play starts at 12 noon.


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