EPT8 Copenhagen: The final nine

February 24, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, we are down to the last nine players, all of whom are currently stretching their legs ahead of the restart. Bjarke Hansen is our chip leader having won two huge all-ins with ace-jack and ace-queen against the respective ace-kings of Michael Tureniec (out, 11th) and Lauri Varonen (out, 10th). As the poker kids like to say somewhat flippantly, must be nice.

We need to lose one more player before the end of play as we reach the official EPT eight-handed final table (the second of the season for Steve O’Dwyer and the second of Neuville’s career).

“It feels good,” said O’Dwyer, moving his stack to the feature table, “I don’t know any other way to tell you that. It feels good. I’m up on the day. I had more but you know, playing like a wimp I guess.”

1. Bjarke Hansen, 1,903,000
2. Mickey Petersen, Team PokerStars online, 949,000
3. Steve O’Dwyer, 627,000
4. Spencer Hudson, 249,000
5. Keld Volquardsen, 1,274,000
6. Jacob Rasmussen, 871,000
7. Pierre Neuville, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,060,000
8. Aage Ravn, 1,380,000
9. Niels van Alphen, 625,000

Play is resuming now with the American Spencer Hudson the player most at risk with 16 big blinds. O’Dwyer and Niels van Alphen have a little more breathing space ahead of him.

ept copenhagen_day 3_lauri varonen.jpg

Lauri Varonen, out in tenth


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