EPT8 Copenhagen: Tureniec – the right machine for the job?

February 24, 2012


Bear with us as we harp on about the illusive double EPT winner again, but right now we have a live one. So let’s put it all back in the hopper and see what comes out.

It’s a debate that has rattled (clanged) around the halls of EPT HQ since Alexander Stevic lifted the first novelty cheque back in Barcelona in Season 1. It doesn’t help that the Northern American Poker Tour, the Latin American Poker Tour and the United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour have each had their first double winners. The European Poker Tour remains their awkward cousin, the one without a job and still driving that beaten up old Pinto.

It’s not even fun to talk about any more, with increased fields and increasingly better players making it seemingly impossible, even with more than 70 past winners ready to have a go. Are we sending a human to do a machine’s job?

There’s always Michael Tureniec.

The Swede is the last of the former winners still in the main event and so bears the brunt of all this speculation. Not that it would appear to bother Tureniec, a cerebral player not the type to dance up and down or bemoan the whim of an inanimate playing card. Call it poker atheism, where luck doesn’t come into it. It’s all about skill with no higher force in control.


Michael Tureniec

Well that was my version.

“I guess I’ve played well and run good, also,” said Tureniec, giving his version. “It makes it a lot easier.”

It’s not just that people want a double winner, they want a good one, and it’s an attitude like this that makes Tureniec that good one, and today well, he might just have that right kind of luck, the type you use as a kick start for everything else to come into play.

“I didn’t plan on getting called when I went all in with ten-seven suited but I managed to get really lucky against ace-ten and spiked a seven,” said Tureniec. “I was down to 240,000 and now I’m at slightly over 500,000. It feels great and hopefully I can make it all the way to the final.”

That’s something he knows how to do. But could he do it a second time, could Michael Tureniec really be “the one”?

“Yeah of course,” he said.

He’d better not be messing with us. I don’t want to write all this stuff again.


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