EPT8 Deauville: Cold start for the 54 heading into Day 4

February 04, 2012


It’s another beautiful day in Deauville today. The sun shines and locals wear sunglasses, the sun casting shadows along the boulevards. So much so that you almost miss the ice on the pavements which nearly sent at least one of us flying this morning.

The ice forms curious leaf patterns on the concrete, as though leaves had fallen from the trees and turned to ice where they fell. Still no snow though, which, according to the weather column in The Times of London, is owing to the lack of moisture in the air. See, you’ve learnt at least one thing today.


Deauville (albeit in the evening)

So it goes without saying that we’re better off indoors for now, where the remaining 54 players are returning for what could be a brief sojourn into the tournament room. Today we play from 54 to 24, the shortest daily requirement I can remember on the European Poker Tour, before play shifts to the casino ballroom for the penultimate day’s play tomorrow.

Chip leader is Sam Phomveha, or should I say Samphane Phomveha. Those reading last night will have noted his SuperNova Elite status as well as word of his career high win in London. This was all incorrect and was in fact the bounty of his brother’s career. His brother is also called Sam (Samlane), who was eliminated earlier in the week, hence the confusion. Apologies for the confusion.

Right now there is a crowd of more than 20 dealers, (a deck of dealers? A shuffle of dealers?) waiting for their orders; the bags of chips are ready and the players are filtering in.

Play starts at noon and stops at 24.


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