EPT8 Madrid: All (relatively) quiet on the outer table

March 16, 2012


If you’re following the EPT Live Lite stream, which of course you are, then you’ll see that there’s been quite a lot of action on the feature table; all-ins, snap folds, rivered straights, cracked aces. All that jazz. That level of action just hasn’t been happening at the outer table, certainly not of late anyway. This is not mere coincidence.

The feature table was picked at the beginning of the day by the EPT Live Lite producers who, somewhat unsurprisingly, selected the table with Mike McDonald, now in with a very good shot at making his fourth EPT final table, Ilan Boujenah and the recently departed Taylor Paur (eliminated, not passed away). They will pick what are considered the best player, which, as conventional poker wisdom would have it, is those that are the most aggressive, ergo those that are most likely to double up or bust. Their choice has so far proved correct.

ept madrid_day 4_taylor paur.jpg

Taylor Paur: out in 13th (€20,000)

Boujenah however has been moved onto the outer table to balance where he seems to be providing most of the action along with Jason ‘I’ve got a Royal Flush?’ Duval. Boujenah, who was hit hard with a light three-bet from Ricardo Ibanez earlier has managed to get his stack back up to the top of the charts with 1,800,000. Duval is similarly stacked, now both looking like shoe-ins to the final table. We’re just going into a break and will come back in level 25 leaving the likes of Nic Levi short with around 20 big blinds. Levi will be desperate to make his second final table this season, following his 3rd place finish at EPT Prague.

Tournament snapshot
Level 25: blinds 15,000-30,000, ante 4,000
Players: 10 of 477
Average stack: 1,431,000
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