EPT8 Madrid: Steady start, unless you’re name is Dypvik

March 16, 2012


There was a quiet start to the day in the tournament room as the final 24 players returning to Casino Gran Madrid. The room is full of tables but empty of players, except for the three tables of the main event, one of which surrounded by lights and camera and being broadcast now across EPT Live Lite.

Elsewhere there are dealers sitting at tables, with chips, but no players. Outside a few others smoke cigarettes and eventually Faraz Jaka and Steve O’Dwyer arrive to play their heads-up match, although not before O’Dwyer wanders over to see what’s happening in the big one.


We play down to eight

The answer to that is now very much. Before play began there was the usual bustle, but nothing like the days prior. The players seemed relaxed, particularly Ilan Boujenah whose face was red after laughing at something while assembling his stack. On the outer tables most seemed happy to be back, one or two a little quiet.

That would include Borge Dypvik, one of the short stacks today. The baby-faced Dypvik moved all-in on the first hand from under the gun plus one, finding no one interested in tangling so early. On the next hand he tried again, with the same results.

The sun still shines outside today, but only for eight inside. Watch the action for yourself on EPT Live Lite.

Tournament snapshot
Level 21 (Cont.): blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000
Players: 24 of 477
Average stack: 596,000
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