EPT8 Monaco: Last lady standing unperturbed by first setback

April 29, 2012


From a few feet away, yesterday was something of a roller coaster for most. There were seven different chip leaders, one repeat leader and several others who went from top five to busted in the space of a few levels. One constant amid all of that was the last lady in the event, Lucille Cailly.

Cailly picked up exactly where she left off today, starting well. But then a hand came along that could prove pivotal to the Frenchwoman.


Lucille Cailly

“It was going pretty well until ten minutes ago,” she said at the break, between elegant drags on a cigarette. “I went from one million to two. Everything was going really well. And then I four bet all-in; pocket threes against a guy who was on tilt who had aces; and no three.

“Now I’m back on the average I guess. So that’s okay. Well, we’ll see.”

This is already the biggest cash for Cailly, now in the third year of a prosperous career in the game. But it’s only her third cash on the European Poker Tour (the other two coming in Deauville), a lack of experience perhaps which could lead to her departure?

Cailly, however, doesn’t come across as someone prepared to let this chance slip, even if this is new territory.

“It’s easy ‘cos it’s the semi-final of a huge tournament, you can’t tilt, you can’t do crap. You have to do good,” she said. “Because how often is it gonna happen?

She inhaled again on that wholesome fag.

“I’m okay,” she said. “Yeah. It’s gonna be okay.”

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