EPT8 Monaco: Mozdzen looking to improve on previous result

April 29, 2012


With 16 players left Clayton Mozdzen understands full well the pressures on a player entering the critical final stages of a major event. Just last month the Canadian was in a similar position in Madrid, reaching the last two tables only to crash out in 14th place to earn €20,000.

Here he finds himself in a similar position, shackled to a short stack but refusing to settle for anything more than the final table.

“I started with about 400,000 some, and stayed there till the last hour,” said Mozdzen in a slow, even toned murmur. “I ran 400,000 up to 1.600,000; slow drop, won a hands nines versus sixes to get my big double.

“Now the tables are all combining so I don’t know how it’s going to be. Before it combined I was pretty much the aggressor, once I built my chips; might have to slow down a bit now.”


Clayton Mozdzen

Mozdzen’s quiet and thoughtful analysis is in stark contrast to his style fo play, which yesterday pumped adrenaline though his veins. Yesterday, all in, he couldn’t bear to watch the flop turn and river. The floor man insisted he return to his seat. “I don’t want to,” replied Mozdzen smiling, obeying.

What exactly does it mean to a player to be so close to European poker’s ultimate prize.

“I’ve been here a few times and it’s been so close yet so far, so I know the results I’m used to,” he said. “I told myself this one is different, just gonna let everything take its place. I’m very confident everything’s gonna go well though.”

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