EPT8 Monaco: The trophy is within reach

April 29, 2012


Facing inwards from the spectator gantry around the new TV table are neon strips, flashing lights, all manner of diodes, screens and mirrors. If you were to stand close to the entrance on the right-hand side of the set you might be able to spot one more mirrored surface, if you were brave enough to dodge past the low swinging TV jib. Nestled on the end – shiny side facing in, red side facing out – is The PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final trophy.

No doubt it’s been surreptitiously placed there for artistic shots from the crane but where are the guards? Sure, there’s some local constabulary loitering beneath the stage and, more dangerously, a jacked-up Red Bull Robbie Thompson prowling around the final table, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone keeping an eye on the actual trophy. You could have it away quite easily, you know, if you were so inclined to not-so-petty theft.

ept monaco_day 4_trophy.jpg

The trophy

You wouldn’t get the €1,500,000 first place prize money of course, but at least you’d have that big red spade. Not that we’re trying to encourage kleptomania, nor are we suggesting that such things jump to mind with the prospective of a second 14-hour-odd looming on the immediate horizon. Coming from someone that once woke up with a misappropriated BAFTA television award on their kitchen table I can heartily recommend leaving the trophy exactly where it is.

Nine players remain and with the average chip stack at less than 30 big blinds a head tomorrow could be fast and furious. The EPT Live stream starts at 2.30pm tomorrow afternoon. Watch the carnage as it happens.

ept monaco_day 4_tv table.jpg

The final nine

Tournament snapshot
Level 29: blinds 40,000-80,000, ante 10,000
Players: 9 of 665
Average stack: 2,216,500
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