EPT8 Prague: Day 4, level 24-27 updates (25,000-50,000, ante 5,000)

December 09, 2011


9pm: Two Finger hands set up final table
Martin Finger won two pots in-a-row take a very big stack into tomorrow’s final table.

He left Mads Wissing with eight big blinds when he called the Dane’s raise and two bets on the flop and turn. The final board read 10♣2♥Q♣Q♥7♥ and both players checked the river. Wissing tabled A♥8♥ and lost out to the German’s 6♣6♠.

The very next hand Nicolas Levi raised to 125,000 and was called by finger before Patrick Renkers three-bet to 285,000. Levi folded but Finger surprised everybody by moving all-in for a little less than 3,000,000. His Dutch opponent shrugged and made the call all-in for just a little less than that.

Finger: A♥K♥
Renkers: Q♠Q♥

The board ran 2♥9♣A♦J♦A♠ to make trip aces for the German. He scoops the huge pot and knocked out the long-time chip leader. The very talented young man from Holland takes away €48,000 for his efforts this week.

The official table chip counts and a wrap of today’s final table will be up on the blog very shortly. — MC

8.55pm: All-in and a call
We have an all-in and a call. I think it’s two big stacks. Details to come. — RD

8.46pm: Cavaller’s charge brought short by Levi
Guillem Cavaller had chipped up to 1,400,000 after three-bet squeezing all-in for 1,140,000 over a Patrick Renkers 100,000 open and David Boyaciyan button call. Both players passed but Cavaller passed those gains onto chip leader Nicolas Levi shortly after.

Cavaller opened to 105,000 from the cut-off and Levi called on the button. A 125,000 c-bet was called by Levi on a 8♦2♦Q♥ flop. Cavaller then check-folded to 175,000 on the 9♣ turn. Levi is using his stack and experience to good effect and is extending chip lead towards a 6,000,000 stack. — RD

ept prague_day 4_nicolas levi.jpg

EPT regular Nicolas Levi is set for his second final table

8.37pm: Martin’s stack grows an extra finger of depth
Martin Finger played a hand very well against the much bigger stacked David Boyaciyan to claw back some of the deficit.

He raised 100,000 into the Dutchman’s big blind. Boyaciyan called to see a 4♥9♠8♦ flop where he check-raised Finger’s 100,000 c-bet up to 260,000. The German PokerStars qualifier called and called another 280,000 on the K♦ turn. The river came 6♠ and both players checked.

Boyaciyan opened 2♦2♣ but lost out to Finger’s A♥8♥. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 25,000-50,000, ANTE 5,000

8.25pm: Finger trying to be the table captain
Since the re-start we’ve played five hands and Martin Finger has won three of them: one walk, one raise and take, and one successful three-bet over Guillem Cavaller. It hasn’t all gone right for Finger though, he did three-bet Mads Wissing from 85,000 to 180,000 and passed to a 800,000 all-in. Wissing still the shortest stack at the table but he has gained some ground. Blinds going up. — RD

8.10pm: Tense times as play resumes
The TD announced the final nine players and their chip counts to the room and play is back underway. — MC

8pm: The final nine
Seat 1. Mads Wissing, 890,000
Seat 2. Usero Cavaller, 1,225,000
Seat 3. Nicols Levi, 5,440,000
Seat 4. Martin Finger, 1,825,000
Seat 5. Patrick Renkers, 2,915,000
Seat 6. Andreas Wiese, 1,605,000
Seat 7. Ari Engel, 1,765,000
Seat 8. Denys Drobyna, 1,375,000
Seat 9. David Boyaciyan, 4,535,000

7.35pm: Levi leaves Liviu out in the cold
We’re down to one table of nine players after Nicolas Levi busted Ignat Liviu in a battle of the blinds.

The action folded around to the Romanian in the small blind and he completed. Levi checked his option and the two players headed to a A♠5♦Q♦ flop. Both players checked to the J♥ turn where Liviu led for 45,000, that he placed over the line ever so gently. Levi called and then faced a 130,000 bet on the 2♦ river.

Liviu had 385,000 behind and Levi tested him for the lot as he placed a large stack of 100,000 denomination chips over the line. Liviu took his time and made the call all-in with 3♦4♥ for the rivered wheel. The Frenchman tabled 4♦7♦ for a flush and took the scalp of his opponent.

The players are now on a 20-minute break as the table is redrawn onto one table. We’ll have that draw and all the counts for you then. — MC

7.22pm: Boyaciyan sucks out for 4.4m pot, Brosolo busts
Yan Brosolo must feel sick right now. The Frenchman has gone from being a 80% favourite to win a 4,400,000 pot to out in two hands. Brosolo had David Boyaciyan all-in with aces against pocket nines only for the Dutchman to flop a set and shoved his remaining 200,000 all-in the next hand. His A♠7♦ fell to Mads Wissing’s K♣10♦ to send Brosolo, no doubt shell shocked, to the rail in 11th. — RD

ept prague_day 4_brosolo and wissing.jpg

Brosolo (left) and Wissing

7.15pm: Raising will do it
Very little is getting far on the Patrick Renkers table. Renkers opened from the cut off and was re-raised by Denys Drobyna, forcing Renkers to fold. A few hands later Mads Wissing made it 110,000 on the button, keeping 650,000 back. Andrea Wiese announced that he was all in for 1,500,000 which sent Wissing into the tank. A minute or so later he folded. – SB

7.05pm: Pained Dane
Yann Brosolo is continuing to be active and push table mates around. In one hand he raised to 80,000 from the cut-off only to see Mads Wissing three-bet to 180,000 from the next seat along. The Frenchman’s answer was to shove on his Danish opponent. Wissing has seemed to have had a lot of difficult decisions today and he seemed pained here as he folded to drop to 860,000 chips. — MC

6.50pm: Drobyna doubles
As Ignat Liviu doubles on one table, Denys Drobyna just did the same on the other. When Patrick Renkers shoved form the small blind Drobyna called immediately, showing K♠Q♥ against Renkers’s speculative 10♦8♦.

The board ran 5♥A♠Q♠2♣Q♣ to double up Drobyna. -SB

6.42pm: Broken Finger
Martin Finger has just dropped 660,000 after losing two pots, one post flop to Guillem Cavaller for 200,000 and the other shoving the small blind into Ignat Liviu with A♠2♣. The Romanian found A♣K♥, made the call and doubled up to 940,000.

Finger is still stacked with 2,000,000 but he does look a little wobbly at the moment. — RD

ept prague_day 4_martin finger.jpg

Martin Finger

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 20,000-40,000, 5,000

6.22pm: Break
It’s a 15-minute break. Join us with full chip counts shortly. — RD

6.20pm: Lehmann’s brain explodes, Levi chip leader?
Kimon Lehmann might have nightmares about this one.

Nicolas Levi opened under-the-gun for 65,000 and was three-bet to 200,000 by Lehmann on the button. Levi came back over the top for 400,000 saying, whether he meant it or not, ‘I mean business.’ Lehmann called the four-bet.

Levi stared at the Q♦2♣6♦ flop, looked over at Lehmann’s stack and asked how much the German had. It was about 1,600,000. Levi c-bet 356,000 and Lehmann quickly announced that he was all-in. Levi exhaled and said: “Call.”

Levi: K♣K♦
Lehmann: 10♣10♦

Chip counts are taking place no but Levi could be on as much as 5,000,000 after winning that huge 4,000,000 pot.* — RD

*He’s up to 4,645,000.

ept prague_day 4_kimon lehmann.jpg

Kimon Lehmann: add your own brain explosion photoshop effects

6.15pm: Finger bluff Cavaller
Guillem Cavaller opened in early position, making it 60,000. Martin Finger raised to 140,000 on the button before Cavaller four bet to 300,000. Finger aksed how much Cavaller had left (850,000) and duly five bet shoved. Cavaller mucked immediately. Finger showed 6♠4♠. – SB

6.12pm: Split pot
Guillem Cavaller opened for 60,000 in the cut off before Kimon Lehmann raised to 200,000 on the button. Ignat Liviu was in the big blind and moved all-in for 340,000. Lehmann obliged with the call.

That was the end of the excitement, both players turning over Ace-King. Lehmann’s were suited in spades but that made no difference. The board came 7♥3♣10♣4♦2♣ for a split pot. – SB

6.10pm: Finger crossed Cavaller
Martin Finger’s mind might be a little bit frazzled after two pots saw him drop around a million chips.

First up, he five-bet (405,000) folded to a Nicolas Levi six-bet shove.

A few hands later he raised to 65,000 and was called by Levi before Ari Engel three-bet to 170,000 from the button. The action was now on Guillem Cavaller in the small blind and he shoved for around 511,000 after giving it a lot of thought. Finger made a very quick call and that was enough to scare off Levi and Engel.

Finger: 10♣10♥
Cavaller: Q♦Q♠

The board ran 5♦6♦A♥A♠4♥. The German is down to around two million chips. — MC

6pm: Wiese continues to step it up
Andreas Wiese is up to 1,500,000 after barrelling a 4♥5♠J♥3♥ board into Mad Wissing. Wiese had three-bet pre-flop to 145,000, bet 165,000 on the flop and 285,000 on the turn. Wissing was reluctant to pass but eventually did so.

“I wouldn’t beat a flush,” said Wiese as he raked in the pot.

“Top set?” asked Wissing.

“Something like that. I could beat ace-jack,” the German said.

We’ve no reason to doubt him on that. — RD

ept prague_day 4_andreas wiese.jpg

Andreas Wiese

5.55pm: Down to 12
After a long period without any double ups, let alone eliminations, Pontus Khosravi is finally sent to the rail in 13th place.

Guillem Cavaller opened for 60,000 under the gun which was called by Kimon Lehmann. Khosravi was in the big blind and moved all in for around 460,000. Cavaller passed but Lehmann called showing J♥Q♥ to Khosravi’s A♥K♦.

It looked like Khosravi might get through but the board of 4♠7♦5♦Q♠5♠ crushed that idea. Khosravi looked devastated and took a few seconds before he was ready to leave. – SB

5.46pm: Brosolo full of confidence
Yann Brosolo is full of confidence after his recent pot wins and is even willing to take on chip daddy Patrick Renkers.

The action folded around to Renkers on the button and he raised to 62,000 before the Frenchman three-bet to 160,000 from the big blind. Renkers had a response, and it was to open up the betting again with a four-bet to 285,000. Brosolo flared his nostrils and shoved for around 1,7,00,000, prompting a snap fold from his opponent.

“Show a deuce,” said Renkers. Brosolo opened A♣10♥ and add, “Nuts!”

“I folded ace-jack,” said Renkers whilst smiling and then added, “NEVER” in a jokingly sinister way. — MC

ept prague_day 4_yann brosolo.jpg

Yann Brosolo

5.40pm: Ainsworth done for in 14th (27,000)
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is going to have to wait for his first EPT final table, he’s just bust out to Patrick Renkers who chips up to 3,600,000.

Ainsworth had been forced to four-bet fold in a battle of the blind against Andreas Wiese, who showed A♦K♣, and opened his button the very next hand for 62,000 of his 750,000 stack. Renkers, who was in the big blind, made a small three-bet to 135,000 which Ainsworth called.

Renkers kept up the aggression with a 165,000 c-bet into the 4♣6♣5♥ flop and Ainsworth quickly announced that he was all-in. Call.

Ainsworth: A♣6♥ for top pair, top kicker
Renkers: 10♠10♣ for an over pair

The way Ainsworth has been running today it wouldn’t have been a surprise to see a six on the river. No help on the 8♥ turn or Q♠ river. — RD

ept prague_day 4_jude ainsworth.jpg

Jude Ainsworth: see no evil, speak no evil…

5.30pm: Little to report
A period of inactivity on the far table. Guillem Cavaller moved all in behind an opening bet from Martin Finger but found no takers, Finger folding A♦ face up. A short while later Pontus Khosravi moved all in and also found no takers. – SB

5.23pm: In Seine bets
Frenchmen Nicolas Levi and Yann Brosolo both put in river bets to force their opponents to fold on the river.

Levi called a 65,000 Martin Finger raise in position and a 70,000 c-bet on the flop. Both players checked the turn to leave a final board of K♥2♦7♠3♦K♠. Finger checked and snap folded when Levi bet 125,000.

At the same time over on the other table Brosolo and Mads Wissing had made it to the river where the board read 9♦K♥K♣10♠Q♣. The Frenchman was in the big blind and checked to face a 115,000 bet from his neighbour Wissing. His answer was to check-raise to 310,000 and that did the trick as the Dane folded after some serious thought. — MC

5.10pm: No Moorman
It’s the end of the road for Chris Moorman, his first EPT cash. Yann Brosolo opened from under the gun, making it 65,000 to play. Moorman was on the button and moved all-in for around 360,000. Brosolo, who was chewing his glasses, got a count and called, turning over 6♠6♦. Moorman showed Q♥K♥.

The board ran 10♦J♥J♦5♠2♣. The flop had helped Moorman but not the turn or river. Moorman out in 15th place. – SB

5pm: Seven more to go
There are still 15 players remaining in the last EPT main event of the season. See how they stood at the break on the chip count page. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000, 4000

4.50pm: Break time
That’s it for level 24. Players are now on a short break.

4.48pm: Levi runs dry
Nicolas Levi opened for 48,000 from the cut off which Ari Engel called from the button for a flop of K♠4♣J♥. Engel watched Levi as the flop was dealt, then watched as Levi bet 65,000. In reply Engel raised to 140,000 which Levi called.

The turn came 10♠. Again Engel looked at Levi rather than the board, watching the Frenchman check without taking his eyes off the cards on the table. Engel replied by betting 210,000. Levi passed. Engel up to 2,000,000. – SB

4.45pm: Ainsworth gives up on the turn
Jude Ainsworth has dropped back below a million after a blind on blind tangle with Danyel Boyaciyan. The Dutchman had opened 52,000 into Ainsworth’s big blind and had called the ensuing 150,000 three-bet. A 150,000 c-bet into the Q♠4♥7♦ flop was also called before the Ainsworth gave up on the 7♥ turn. Boyaciyan led 150,000 into the J♣ river and Ainsworth insta-mucked. — RD

4.38pm: Wiese takes on Renkers
Andreas Wiese opened to 55,000 from early position and chip leader Patrick Renkers came over the top from the hijack for 118,000. Wiese, careful and considerate as always, stacked out a four-bet to 225,000 – leaving himself with 475,000 behind – and pushed it into the middle. The quick fold from Renkers pushes Wiese up to nearly 850,000. The German online qualifier finished sixth at EPT Vienna and just missed out on the final table at Snowfest – two solid results last season. Another final table in the offing? — RD

4.35pm: Trappy Levi
The big stacked Nicolas Levi played out a hand against Pontus Khosravi where he was trying to lure him into his trap.

The Swede raised to 52,000 from early position and Levi peeled from the big blind to see a 7♣4♥A♣ flop. Khosravi continued for 55,000 and the Frenchman check-called to see the A♠ turn. Both players checked to the 9♣ river where Levi seemed to think about betting but checked again. Khosravi also appeared to consider betting but decided to check instead, and just as well.

Levi opened up the monstrous 7♠7♦ for a full house and Khosravi threw his cards into the muck. He dropped to 505,000, whereas Levi is up to 2,300,000. — MC

4.30pm: Tense times for Moorman
Chris Moorman is sat with a little less than 450,000, which measures up for around 19 big blinds. It’s not the nicest of positions to be in as things such as this can keep happening to you:

Moorman had put in 50,000 from the cut-off and Yann Brosolo had three-bet from the big blind to 110,000 leaving the Brit with a decision for his stack. He sat for some time with a slightly pained look on his face, brow furrowed as if he couldn’t quite remember what the last thing he was meant to be buying from the supermarket, ‘Cheese, bread, milk and… and…’ The final item eluded him and he mucked his hand. — RD

ept prague_day 4_chris moorman.jpg

What am I doing here?

4.20pm: Cavaller sees off Ruzicka
Guillem Cavaller moved all-in from the button for 261,000. The action as folded to Vojtech Ruzicka on the big blind, the only player at the table with fewer chips than Cavaller. Ruzicka paused, then called, turning over A♠7♣ against Cavaller’s J♣6♣.
The board was kind to Cavaller, coming as it did 6♦4♥Q♥9♠4♣.

Vojtech, after a rough day, looked battered and beaten. Out in 16th place. – SB

4.17pm: The final two tables
Table 5:
Seat 1. Martin Finger
Seat 2. Ignat Liviu
Seat 3. Nicolas Levi
Seat 4. Ari Engel
Seat 5. Pontus Khosravi
Seat 6. Guillem Cavaller
Seat 7. Kimon Lehmann
Seat 8. Vojtech Ruzicka

Table 4:
Seat 1. Danyel Boyaciyan
Seat 2. Jude Ainsworth
Seat 3. Andreas Wiese
Seat 4. Chris Moorman
Seat 5. Patrick Renkers
Seat 6. Denys Drobyna
Seat 7. Yann Brosolo
Seat 8. Mads Wissing

4.10pm: One last hand for Smrckova
It was beginning to look like Michaela Smrckova would have to be evicted rather than eliminated. The Czech had survived all manner of onslaughts, doubling with care and good humour to work her way into the top 17.

So when she found [a]Q♠ it was time again to shove, her 130,000 looking meagre in comparison to those stacks around her. Andreas Wiese called, turning over 9s]9♣.

The flop made it look like things were not quite finished for Smrckova, but the river would see to that, the board coming 8♥4♥A♠7♣9♦.

A smiling Smrckova, who had hardly said a word at the table, greeted each player in turn in what was endearing limited English.

“How are you,” she said shaking Nicolas Levi’s hand goodbye. “How are you,” she said, shaking Wiese’s hand goodbye, and “How are you,” she said, shaking Jude Ainsworth’s hand good bye.

Well played Smrckova. Not a bad return for a $7 Steps investment.

We’re down to 16, and just two tables. – SB

4.05pm: Ainsworth three-bets to a million
Jude Ainsworth is up over a million but still has a little less than the 1,274,000 average stack. Andreas Wiese opened his button for 55,000 and Ainsworth came over the top from the small blind for 150,000. Nicolad Levi passed in the big blind and Wiese followed in suit.

Levi is sat on 2,600,000 which is almost exactly the size of an eight-handed final table stack. The Frenchman had been talking to us last night about ‘Index,’ a fairly infrequent tournament reference to how many times you need to double up to get to a final table average.

Your index is looking pretty good, Nic. “Yeah, zero,” said Levi with a smile. — RD

ept prague_day 4_jude ainsworth.jpg

Jude Ainsworth

4pm: Dorbek dumped out by Levi
The board read J♣10♦Q♠Q♣J♠ and Nicolas Levi was all-in. His head was forward, leaning on his hands in a kind of prayer position. We didn’t know it at the time but he was praying for Mauri Dorbek to call.

Dorbek took his time to decide, asking how much it was to call – a little more than a million, with about the same in the pot.

“I’m only losing to one hand,” said Dorbek, actually suggesting that he held pocket jacks and was worried Levi had pocket queens. Not quite.


Levi wasted no time in turning over J♥J♦

Dorbek reacted as though his chips were suddenly electrified, throwing them forward. But they weren’t electrified and they were no longer his chips. His A♣Q♦ was no good. He said a few words in Estonian, which sounded uncomplimentary as Thomas Lamatsch stepped in to count the stacks. Dorbek was out.

“I almost folded,” said Dorbek as he walked away. But he didn’t. We’re down to 17 and Levi has around 3,000,000. – SB

3.55pm: River comes to save Lehmann
PokerStars qualifier Kimon Lehmann has doubled up through fellow German Martin Finger. Finger opened from early position and called when Lehmann three-bet all-in from the big blind.

Finger: Q♦Q♣
Lehmann: A♣K♣

The board ran 10♦9♣J♥3♣A♦.

The all-in was for 555,000. Finger dropped to around 2,200,000 so is still in fine shape. — MC

3.40pm: Engel shoot
Ari Engel is sat on 1,900,000 despite having bluffed off a small chunk into a A♦3♣9♦10♣9♣ board with 4♦2♦. Martin Finger had checked the river to him from the small blind, Engel in the big pushed out a small 120,000 bet into the pot of around 400,000. Finger grunted but instantly went for his chips ready to make a losing call with his A♣3♦. In they went.

“You got it,” said Engel.

Could Engel have got Finger to fold with a larger river bet? Possibly. — RD

3.35pm: Moorman loses flip to Wissing
Chris Moormaan is down to 420,000 after jamming his big blind with pocket fives over a button raise from Mads Wissing who stacked off with A♣J♥. The Dane rivered Broadway on a Q♠10♦4♦4♥K♣ board to move up to 1,500,000. Moorman looking more than a little disgruntled. — RD

3.33pm: Chip counts
Click on the chip count page to see all the of the counts at the break. Here’s how the top five stand:

Patrick Renkers, Holland, 3,279,000
Martin Finger, Germany, 2,759,000
Ari Engel, USA, 2,372,000
Nicolas Levi, France, 2,077,000
Denys Drobyna, Ukraine, 1,682,000
— MC

3.30pm: Cards in the air
Play restarts in level 24 with blinds at 12,000-24,000, 3,000 ante.


The view across Prague

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Prague: Marc Koller, Rick Poborský and Stephen Nedvěd. Photos by Neil Cech.


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