EPT8 San Remo: Day 1A, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 200-400, 50 ante)

October 21, 2011


9.50pm: Break time
come back in 15 minutes when all the players will reconvene for the last two levels of the day.

9.40pm: Broadway for Coimbra
When we walked up to the table, Team PokerStars Online’s Andre Coimbra had 2,500 chips out in front of him, so we must have missed another player opening. In any event, a third player, Luca Falaschi looked down at 10♣10♠ in the big blind and shoved in. Coimbra made the call for his last 8,450 with K♠Q♣, and the race was on.

The 7♣J♠A♦ flop opened up another two outs for Coimbra to double, but the turn 5♣ was a miss. He needed a ten, queen, or king to win the pot, and the river 10♦ fit those criteria rather nicely. Coimbra is strolling down Broadway, back up to about 18,500.

9.20pm: Suck, Re-Suck
Andrew Chen raised to 860, and Alessandro Speranza three-bet shoved for 6,975. Chen frowned and did the pot math, then splashed in the call for just a fraction of his stack. He was drawing live for the knockout.


Chen: K♣J♣
Speranza: A♠10♦

The 4♥6♠9♣ flop kept Speranza safe, but the turn J♦ shot Chen into the lead with one to come. Not to worry, Mr. Speranza. The dealer gave him the A♣ on the river, locking up the double and taking a little bite out of Chen’s stack.

ept san remo_day 1a_andrew chen.jpg

Andrew Chen

9pm: Chartier has to settle for this
Sam Chartier got a pretty fair amount of chips into the middle preflop with 10♥10♠, and that was not at all a good thing when Mark Walsh found K♥K♣ to make the call.

Chartier caught lightning in a bottle on the 3♣10♣8♣ flop, but he still had to sweat the kings and the clubs for his tournament life. The turn A♦ was a miss, but the river Q♣ re-improved Walsh to the winner.

Chartier is out.

8.40pm: Dinner switch taking place
We’ll be back shortly to catch up with the action.

8.39pm: Traniello wins 100,000 pot
Marco Traniello just won a dream 100,000 pot after flopping quads against a full house and over pair. Traniello had opened to 1,100 under-the-gun and was raised by Andrey Baturn in the next seat along to 2,000, which was called by Andrea Finotti. Traniello opted to flat the small re-raise when the action came back to him.

The J♥10♣J♠ flop was bet by Baturn for 3,000, the weakest hand in the coup. The others called.

Baturn bet 10,000 into the 6♣ turn and was shoved on by Finotti. Traniello and Baturn quickly called.

Finotti: 10♦10♥
Baturn: Q♣Q♦
Traniello: J♣J♦

Huge hand for Traniello who chips up past 100,000. Baturn had just over 20,000 at the beginning and busts, Finotti loses a 42,000 chunk to his fellow Italian. — RD

8.35pm: Negreanu, and now Harman
Daniel Negreanu and Jenifer Harman are very good friends and each of them have sucked out on Vladyslav Semenenko today, he claimed.

Semenenko raised to 1,000 from mid position and was only called by Harman in the cut-off. The flop came down 9♦5♦9♥ and Harman called Semenenko’s 1,500 c-bet. The turn was the 8♣ and Semenenko saw his 3,200 second barrel bet raised up to 8,200. He shoved for 18,950 and the American called after getting a count.

Semenenko tabled A♠9♠ for trips but Harman had made a gutshot straight with 6♣7♣. The river came Q♦ and the Ukrainian walked off saying, “First Negreanu sucks out on me and now you!”

Harman shrugged and stacked up her chips now worth around 50,000. — MC

8.30pm: Isaia up, Liu down
Xuan Liu drops down to 34,000 after a couple of small pots.

After Alessio Isaia opened for 1,050 on the button Liu raised to 2,600 in the small blind which Isaia called for a flop of 8♣6♠4♥. Liu then bet 2,900 which Isaia called for a 7♥ turn card. Both checked that, and the 10♠ river. Isaia took the pot showing 3♥3♠. He’s up to 57,000. – SB

8.20pm: Nod and shake for Seiver
Scott Seiver just performed the nod-and-shake maneuver. You know the one, the nod of ‘Ahhh, you do have me beat’ quickly followed by the shake of ‘How did you get there?’

The action had gone four-way to the A♥7♣3♠ flop which Seiver had taken the lead on with a 1,700 bet. Only Ryan D’Angelo made the call. Seiver bet another 3,200 on the K♥ turn and D’Angelo called again.

Seiver slowly tapped the table with his fingers and D’Angelo tossed out a bet of, I think, 4,500. Seiver made the call and was shown a rivered two-pair with A♠J♣. Cue the nod and shake. — RD

8.15pm: The Two Daniels
Dan Smith wished everyone luck at his table after he busted. Scott Seiver called after him, “Halfway to Amsterdam, buddy!”

Daniel Negreanu meanwhile is in a strange mood. He entered a hand with Federico Petruzzelli whilst singing Rhianna’s song “Only girl” all the way through.

He raised to 950 from under-the-gun and called when his Italian opponent three-bet to 2,175 from two seats along. Both checked the J♦6♣7♣ flop before the Team PokerStars Pro led for 2,750 bet on the 2♥ turn. Petruzzelli called to see the Q♠ river and Negreanu congratulated him on his call. Negreanu checked to face a 2,700 bet.

ept san remo_day 1a_daniel negreanu.jpg

Daniel Negreanu

“Got the queen?” Negreanu asked of his opponent.

“No no no, no queen,” was the response. Petruzzelli then continued with, “Thank you for the 2,700, Daniel”.

“I can’t give that to you,” responded Negreanu as he folded.

The next hand Negreanu three-bet all-in for around 16,000 after a raise to 800 and a call. Both players folded and Negreanu held up his cards so the 3♣ was visible and said, “I had no other choice!” — MC

8.05pm: Desperado Alvarado…
Carlos Mortensen opened for 900 in early position which was called in the cut off by Hugo Lemaire, as well as Salvatore Moncada on the button and JC Alvarado in the big blind.

The flop came K♣3♠J♣ which was checked all the way for a turn card 8♥. Alvarado checked before Mortensen bet 3,500. Lemaire passed, as did Moncada leaving Alvarado to tank for some time before he flung out 10,975, prompting Mortensen to fold.

Alvarado back up to around 20,000 while Mortensen slips a little to 41,000. – SB

7.56pm: Mercier busts, MacPhee gets more
Jason Mercier is out. The Team PokerStars Pro got his last 6,000 chips in with pocket eights but ran into an opponent who held pocket nines.

Kevin MacPhee is having no such problems as he won yet another pot to move up to 120,000 chips. He was up against Kyle Cheong who check-called a 4,000 bet on the turn before both players checked the river. The board read 5♥K♦6♦A♦8♣ and MacPhee tabled the winning A♣6♣. — MC

7.55pm: Words from Mercier before he busted
Jason Mercier scored his first major win here in San Remo. He’s not going to repeat that achievement this year now…

7.53pm: Split dinner break switcharoo
Half of the field is going on dinner break now and there will be the ol’ switcharoo at the end of this level. If you’ve followed the moving cups you’ll be able to work out that level six will be repeated twice. — RD


7.52pm: Nice turn for Mortensen
The action started with Rupert Elder who passed under-the-gun before Salvatore Moncada opened for 900 and was called by Carlos Mortensen in late position. Both players checked the Q♥2♦4♦ flop. Moncada then fired the 10♥ turn and was raised hard by Mortensen to 15,000. Moncada made the call.

The river card seemed to be a blank, which also, somewhat inconveniently is also a blank in my notepad. Mortensen showed Q♦10♦ for top two and a busted flush draw, Moncada A♥Q♣ for top pair, top kicker. Mortensen now up over 50,000. — RD

ept san remo_day 1a_carlos mortensen.jpg

Carlos Mortensen

7.45pm: Clemencon cracks Nutt
Max Pescatori has a low-tech solution for his iPod, which is held against his wrist with an elastic band. The dealer has a similar kind of low tech approach to his tie, which, he didn’t so much decide to wear this morning as decide that by knotting it around his neck he wouldn’t lose it.

A table along are ten players, only three of whom don’t wear headphones. Even if they did want to chat, no one would listen. It’s at this table that a flop of 9♦5♦Q♥ starts something. Fortunato D’Amico checked to Andriena Nutt who bet 1,625 which Tristan Clemencon called. Jason Tompkins and Fortunato D’Amico then passed.

The turn came 9♣. Nutt, who wears a pink polo shirt, bet 2,750. Clemencon, who also wears a pink polo shirt (more peachy) tank called for a 8♥ river card. Nutt checked to the Frenchman who bet 6,925. Now it was Nutt’s turn to tank, eventually announcing “I call”.

Clemencon’s A♠Q♠ was good. He’s up to 48,000. Nutt down to 19,000. — SB

7.40pm: Racener busts to Isaia
Alessio Isaia has taken care of last year’s WSOPE Main Event runner-up John Racener.

The action had already reached the river. Around 20,000 had made it into the middle and the board was left as 4♦2♥10♥2♠Q♠. The American had around 9,500 left and Isaia put him to the test for all of it. He tanked for several minutes and called. Isaia tabled K♠K♣ and Racener mucked, stood up and left in silence. — MC

7.27pm: Sanders gets respect
Dean Sanders is up to 38,000 after Pierluigi Giglio felt his hand had been counterfeited. Manuel Chico raised to 1,000 from second position was called by the two players mentioned.

The flop fell 5♠8♣K♥ and it was Sanders who bet, for 1,500. Chico folded but before that Giglio raised to 3,500. Sanders called to see the K♣ turn where both players checked. The river came A♥ and the Brit led for 3,500. Giglio open folded 8♥5♥ and said, “What can I do?” — MC

7.18pm: Dempsey tank calls
James Dempsey is sat on 35,000, a touch above average. He’d been somewhat higher before tank calling a 7,100 river bet from Kyle Johnson on a 5♦5♠7♣J♣3♣ board.

“That makes sense,” said Dempsey with a ho-hum expression before mucking.

Johnson up to 40,000. — RD

7.05pm: Action man slips a little
Andrea Finotti has the word “Action” stencilled on the front of his t-shirt in fluorescent colours. He’s certainly lived up to that today as he claimed and reclaimed the chip lead, but has since slipped back as he tried to extend it.

Marco Traniello raised from the hijack and was called by Andrey Baturn in the next seat, Finotti on the button, and Jason Mercier in the big blind. The flop came down A♦4♥2♣ and Traniello’s 1,600 c-bet was only called Finotti.

The dealer gave them the J♦ as the turn card and Traniello saw his 2,700 bet called once more. When he led for 5,100 on the 9♣ river his opponent studied the board and raised to 13,300. Traniello gave a “I can’t possibly fold but I don’t like it” reaction and threw in the calling chips. Finotti quickly mucked to drop to 76,000 chips. Traniello didn’t have to show and is up to 55,000 chips. — MC

7pm: Mattern out
Arnaud Mattern is out of the main event, departing just before the break. The Team PokerStars Pro called Rupert Elder’s under the gun bet of 600 from the small blind with pocket threes. Roger Hairabedian also called from the big blind. Ultimately it was the ace-king of Elder that would send him out on a board of [6][6][5][k][7]. – SB

6.50pm: We’re back
A split dinner break procession will begin at the end of this level. Half the players will enjoy the tasty buffet for an hour before it’s all change with the remaining players.

We have 324 players left from a starting field of 359 and can expect a larger chunk of players tomorrow. — RD

ept san remo_day 1a_scott seiver.jpg

Scott Seiver and friend

PokerStars Blog reporting team in San Remo (in order of excitement at iPhone’s recent upgrade): Marc Convey (hopping around like a village idiot), Stephen Bartley (tinkering with the technology like technically challenged father at Christmas) and Rick Dacey (hasn’t got round to downloading it yet). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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