EPT8 Deauville: The final four tables

February 04, 2012


We are down to the final four tables here at EPT Deauville with just eight more players to bust before play ends for the day, 32 down to 24. Table five, which housed Luca Pagano, Ignat Liviu, Kevin Vandersmissen, Marc Inizan, Paul Guichard and Bernhard Mossner was the table to break. Guichard had four-bet bluffed Pagano off a 90,000 three-bet the final hand of the table flashing the 5♦ as he pulled in his 205,000 re-raise to chip up past 800,000. For current chip counts please click on the ‘CHIP COUNTS’ tab on the EPT Deauville landing page.

ept deauville_day 4_paul guichard.jpg

Paul Guichard

Table one
1. Herve Halfon
2. Mick Graydon
3. Andre Corredoira
4. Paul Guichard
5. Bruno Jais
6. Chris Brammer
7. Mikael Guenni
8. Rob Stain

Table two
1. Kevin Vandersmissen
2. Patrick Nataf
3. Karim Lehoussine
4. Denis Cheremisin
5. Christian Togsverd
6. Etienne Moudaress
7. Marc Inizan
8. Julien Ehrhardt

Table three
1. Vadzim Kursevich
2. Antonio Guerrero
3. Rumen Nanev
4. Mikhail Lakhitov
5. Koen De Visscher
6. Vuong Than Trong
7. Balazs Botond
8. Luca Pagano

Table four
1. Artem Litvinov
2. Yoni Journo
3. Yorane Kerignard
4. Nikolaus Teichert
5. Olivier Rogez
6. Bernhard Mossner
7. Ignat Liviu
8. Sergey Baburin


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