EPT9 Deauville: Looking at the numbers

February 03, 2013

With two levels to play on the first day at EPT Deauville, the starting field of 307 will begin to eye a spot on Day 2, which for them is less than two levels away, provided nothing too dramatic occurs with them involved.

The size of the Day 1B field is usually something of a talking point. Typically it’s bigger and more testing, with familiar faces opting to play the second day, particularly on a day like today taken up with the rigors of the Sunday majors and matters of the gridiron and half time shows take center stage in the United States.

It suggests they’ll be a big increase in the playing field tomorrow when the second flight will take their seats. How big? Well looking back over recent years should give some idea.


Chips ready for play with seat assignments

In season five the Day 1A field was 302, five fewer than today. Day 1B that year was made up of 343 players, some 41 more.

In Season 6, 339 players took their seats the opening day, with 429 doing the same the next day, an increase of 90.

There were more increases in Season 7 when 425 players took seats on 1A, and another 466 on 1B, an increase of 41. It was almost exactly the same a year later, albeit with a different balance. A field of 339 on 1A prompted some to suggest that numbers would drop significantly on previous years. Instead a massive field of 550 arrived for 1B, 211 more, making the final figure just two players short that the season before.

Which brings us to Season 9 and speculation of this year’s starting field. What will the figure be this time tomorrow? Double today’s figure is not entirely out of the question, a number that would make for a new record field for Deauville, although a safer bet would be “significantly more than today”. We’ll find out soon enough.

For now, keep tabs on all the action from the tournament floor via our live coverage page.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter


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